Oprah: Queen Of Pervywood


Erik (The Mind Control Guy) Frazier Talked about what would happen if the power grid went down. Dr. Tau Braun provided more information on snake venom in the COVID vaccines. Dr. Lana Kontos gave an update on the new weight loss product Zenith.  Nick Alvear previewed his latest documentary on Oprah Winfrey, the queen of Pervywood. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Please let me digress for the moment.

    Was there in the NFL World a quarterback, anyone else, more truly charismatic and a marvel to watch as he tossed those majestic 75 yard torpedo bombs up and down Shea Stadium than Broadway Joe Namath? Like a dancer, with a quick turn and flick of wrist-the quickest release of all time! … Allow me, please to toss a mythic 75 yard Joe Namath-style torpedo to Don Maynard..DOWN THE RIGHT SIDELINES!

    Is it a fantasy or a fact that the Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) race in America is in big trouble? Charles Shumer recently stated that all of the illegals (recent crossings in the hundreds of thousands..?)..should ALL be given citizenship because the white race is not reproducing itself.


    (including native American tribes); with a new American class of workers under control and direction of a new system, a new government, a “New World Order”. A New World Order owned and controlled by the Jesuits of Rome and later of Jerusalem. Believe it!

    But why the hatred of whites? Why the silencing of those who speak-up?

    I have stated here on Dark Outpost that in ancient times, a race-“Kings of the North” ruled the seas and conquered Northern and Eastern Europe, and became the founders of the nation of Russia and Kiev. They were known as the RUS or the Vikings.

    Could it be that over the centuries, after creating the world’s first super power and controlling multiple continents that the RUS interbred with the races they conquered and the lands in which they occupied? To give a brief suggestion as to the influence these ancient RUS have had on our lives to this day, consider the following DIRECT Viking words:

    NORTH, YORK, NORMANDY, BARON, KING, RUSSIA, KIEV, TZAR and many more. This suggests a close commingling and assimilation of different cultures. The RUS became the founders of the Eastern European region, USSR-(place the “R” in front of the “U” and it screams Viking!).

    They became the triple kissing cousins of the KHAZARS; and a certain Kevan-RUS King converted to an eastern religion and the RUS became the JEWS! Furthermore, the name “JERUSALEM” contains, I believe within it, the the name of the Kevan tribe: Je.RUS.Salem. (Connected to the Tribe of Dan? Maybe).

    There must have been in ancient times an engagement between the old Eastern Roman Empire (Constantinople), and the Kevan-Rus which allowed them access to Rome. This may explain the fracturing of Rome and the special interests which have it in their grip ever since.

    Systematic discrimination and race hatred of whites (Protestants), is partially religious (Jesuits) and partially ethnic and genetic. I believe this comes from an ancient civilization that were the blonde blue eyed Nordic Vikings; BUT ARE NO MORE! Did the philosophy or theory of racial purity come from the Kevan-RUS, and of which still exists to this day?

    If race mixing was good for the RUS, then its good for everyone else. Could this be it? Maybe this is the repressed inertia and drive concerning this negative sentiment toward the established WASP culture and its love of freedom and liberty.

    • Radio broadcaster, political commentator and author, Mark Levin on the U.S. Senator from the State of New York, Charles Ellis Shumer:

      …. “Am I the only person in this world who despises this man…. No! of course not.”
      Mark Levin

    • Race mixing at one time, was meant unequally yoked spiritually sort of. I will explain, God has in the last days he says a remnant of his people in every tribe, tongue and nation. But in ancient times this was not so. Not because God was racist either. At that time each tribe had their own god or gods which were man made gods. And the Hebrew, Jew, Israelites same people, were chosen even when they were a mess when they came out of egypt by Moses. So God tested them and had to cull out the bad ones before they could be worthy to enter the promise land. But even still some were not worthy to enter the promise land like some of us aren’t worthy of entering promise land- heaven. The story is much the same. So he wouldn’t let them enter until a generation died off in 40 years. Then Joshua was appointed before Moses died. And those children were tested through wars, many of which they won when they obeyed God. (WHICH BY THE WAY IS TRUE TO THIS DAY
      IF ALL THE SOLDIERS WERE TRULY RIGHTOUS, THEY WOULD WIN ALL WARS ENTERED, LET THAT SINK IN YOU MEN OF WAR.) So these jews were not chosen because they were Godly at the first. But they were the people that endured and were the only tribe that worshiped the true and only true God Yaweh. Which is every humans creator and God, since Adam and Eve of which we all decend from. So when Yaweh-YHWH Told them not to intermarry with other tribes at that time, had nothing to do with racism, it had to do with unequally yoked of their religion in the one and only true God and if they mixed with this type they would corrupt themselves and begin to worship false gods and perish in the end. But God is not against a mixed race marriage if they both husband and wife worship and totally believe in the true God and walk in his ways. But on a earthly level sometimes can still be hard on the children because of lack of faith of others and should be considered and culture differences. We are all not children of God. Only Jesus is begotten of Gods body. We humans and angels were all created beings and when we choose to follow God we are adopted into the family of God then we become his children. But God said, The sinful and wicked have satan as their father. So, when we come down to it. We are not to hate any man but to hate his sin. Because his sin has duped him as all of us at some time. But when Jesus comes we are not ever selected by race, but selected by our works and the state of our hearts and must worship the true God and walk in his ways. Because only his ways are true in all matters. We cannot be forgiven if we do not forgive. And cannot unite with the wicked the same as God cannot unite with satan. Righteousness and wickedness cannot unite as in globalism one world religion. But racism is a grevious sin and also to accuse one of it falsely is highly punishable. To accuse anyone falsely of anything is highly punishable in the hell fire and it surely comes. So, those of you who want to go to heaven guard your hearts from the lying wickedness which is so thickly present right now. Cling to what you know to be right though the heavens fall.

      • Thank you for your spiritual incites Mary. I feel in my own mind and heart a sense of spiritual awareness. Why is there such hatred in this world? Americans ARE NOT hate filled racists!

        Why were blacks chosen to be slaves? This is so horrible and regnant today to think that a world-wide industry based on slavery existed; and STILL exists through the Vatican with the abomination of human and child trafficking! My heart breaks and I feel a sense, although not fully comprehensible the pain and horror these children must feel!

        Mary we need God now. I have re-doubled my faith. While I was raised Jehovah’s Witness and all of the “cult” associations and social shunning (could not vote, could not participate in government, say the Pledge of Allegiance..etc); I still felt and to this day, feel very PROUD TO BE AMERICAN and Christian. I am grateful to those who have defended our freedoms and we need to take action to protect what we are losing. I was not raised in a super wealthy Kennedy family..but a smart Swiss-German cheese maker’s family from Wisconsin (what a stereotype hey) and we do have a great life here in America! We can not lose it! The Bible is source of peace and true wisdom. While I do no go to Kingdom Hall any longer, I read and study the Bible and pray for help in this wicked world!

        The blacks were slaves because: 1.) An existing slave industry in Africa, started by black opportunists 2.) British colonialists bought into this industry, and brought slaves here BEFORE the American Revolution. 3.) Contagious diseases played a large role in the selection of blacks from Africa, and not peasants from India or elsewhere. Blacks from Africa had NATURAL IMMUNITY TO MALARIA, a deadly disease at the time which had no cure or treatment. How many knew this?

        Workers were ready and willing to come to the new land from Europe to clear the swamps and also to escape from Catholic oppression. Many perished because of contagious disease and malaria! Genetic immunity was inherited by blacks in Africa, and as such were perfect candidates to do the work and be long lasting capitol investments that would survive. Sadly, while blacks may have been thought of as an investment such as a farmer today purchases a new John Deere tractor, it was about money, not racial skin color. The investment is expensive, and a long-term return is expected on that expenditure.

        SLAVERY had nothing to do with placing in bondage persons who had dark skin. Nonsense. They were placed to work as slaves, because they could do the work. Period.


        Should not Mr. Schumer be asking the question: “What can we do to solve the declining birth rates of white people?” No, he slams the issue down and says in effect that whites have sexed-up, and have eliminated themselves, and sorry we need to supplant that culture FAST. It is clear that the Democrats are the racists, and have always been! But, why does Mr. Schumer presumably hate white people? I do not know..
        Jews have had a sense of elitism and if you will, genetic superiority. No race mixing because of purity. But, where did this come from?

        Many believe that Ignatius Loyola (founder of IHS, the Jesuits) was a Marrano (Mauritania), or “cryptic Jew” and his family converted to Catholicism as part of the oppressive Spanish Inquisition. He was a Basque having an unusual culture and language in Spain. What’s more, I have just learned that LOYOLA HAD RED HAIR! (other sources say blonde!)

        Unusual in Spain, but not for Viking-RUS!

        Red hair is a GENETIC TRAIT OF NORDIC TRIBES! I contend that the Jews are descendant of a race of invading Vikings or RUS (as stated before) The RUS or Vikings certainly were elitists. The Skraeling were the lower peoples in the mind of the RUS. The origin of racial superiority?

        This is much different from HEBREW which as I understand is the ancient Celtic, Druidic Priesthood of Gaul.

        The book, “The Bible Unearthed” a work written by Israel’s top archeologists contend the the kingdoms of David and Solomon as described in the Bible as rich powerful empires are not supported by the archeological records! Dig digs at locations of the Northern and Southern kingdoms reveal more modest artifacts..Kievan-RUS or Viking artifacts?

        • I remember in the golden hilarious days of Saturday Night Live (SNL) – (Madison’s Chris Farley, of course) when often a brief videotaped sketch was played between acts that included and actor in full on Viking costume….and children and a marvelous little toy called “BIG RED” (We resonate to that here in Wisconsin..yes)

          In the sketch a song was played in the background..something like…”here he comes from the Land of Thor..BIG RED..BIG RED..BIB RED…you pour the goop in the helmet…

          Then the switch on this demonic toy is flicked on..and begins to rotated back and forth spurting “blood” in pumps all over the walls and on the ecstatic father and of course the watching children….

          …BIG RED… BIG RED…

          Clean-up kit sold separately!…. Yes, hilarious then…I am not so sure about this now; and from whence the concept of this “Bloody Ruse” had come to the writers.

          >>>> Is this an example of psychological or predictive programming aimed squarely at the American masses?

          • Interesting video on YouTube: “Vikings are Jews” published May 20, 2019
            8.05 minutes-godgevlamste
            EXODUS from Egypt; then to the E-Dan Holy Land (Iraq); then “refugees” because of floods, and then called themselves..”Vikings” (blonde blue eyed–red hair of Nordics.. as coming from Middle East E-Dan ????)

            In this video, the presenter claims that the origin of the RUS was the Holy “E-Dan Land” and then referred to themselves as Vikings–“refugees”; escaping floods in the Middle East. They brought a Yiddish language to Europe and founded nations like Denmark “Eden land” ; Norway “Nord Eden Land”; Sweden “Sw Eden”; Finland “Fin Eden Land”; Britain “Br-Edan-ia”(This seems the other way around from what is normally assumed that the Vikings came from the North to the Middle East.)

            He claims that the Vikings spoke Yiddish! Doubtful. Source of European language? No, because they did not fully assimilate with native Europeans, only partially. PROPAGANDA, but whose? The natives would be the Celtic Hebrews of Europe.

            (If this is true–where did RUNIC writing come from? Suddenly the Vikings of the North forgot how to write things down..?

            He claims that the these “refugees” when asked by natives, had identified themselves as Vikings-“refugees”. This is FALSE–They would have called themselves RUS–not Viking, which came later. >> I have difficulty believing that the word: VIKING means: “refugee” No.

            I guess no wonder then when you see, … today, persons who have the large hats, and outrageous beards..like Vikings it is because they are Vikings!

            Interesting video..but incorrect in that the VIKINGS were not refugees–but were hostile, un-liked, unwanted, INVADERS by the people of the the lands in which they had busted into like a menacing virus!. As Jews may remain for parts of the world to this day.

            I find it fascinating that the world is turmoil over the effects of a global “scamdemic” concocted for political reason to control and take-over nations, a most sinister and evil…


  2. Biden is stating on newspunch that he is going to ban all assault weapons. Then later someone or some set fire to 5 rental vehicles he was in earlier that day. Then he hears about a shooting at a gay bar FAKE/HOAX SHOOTING your guess, don’t know. But they say he stated that he and Jill will pray for them. Well let me say to your prayers, they will niether be heard nor answered. Because God said so in the bible it says: I do not hear your prayers or even incline my ear unto you much less answer your prayers when you are considering doing iniquity.

  3. Amen Mary!

    A prayer to God for salvation when the request for blessing is coming from a person who is the epitome of sin for acts of iniquity makes God angry for sure.

    Pedophile Joe Biden is the worst kind of sinner. Jesus Christ stated that those who injury or sexually abuse children…it would be better that a millstone he hung about the wicked person’s neck and that monster be tossed to the bottom of the deepest sea…because he does not want to deal with evil like that. Those who commit such sins fake sincerity. They can not open their hearts to God because their hearts are black and wicked. It is impossible to make this connection so God might answer the sinner. A false man with no integrity.

    JR Ewing from CBS series “Dallas”:

    JR: “Hell Sue Ellen..if you can FAKE sincerity…you don’t need any integrity..”
    (Larry Hagman laugh ans grin…GREAT ACTOR!)

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