Mind Over Monsters

Meghan Walsh, Penny Shepard and Hellywood Reporter Mike Pack on MKUltra in the media and entertainment with emphasis on serial narcissist John Walsh. Dr. Lana Kontos discusses cancer, heart disease, diabetes, weight loss and more. Janine Linehan exposes fraudulent charities as we approach this holiday season. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. There are those such as Jordan Maxwell and others who have stated their
    belief that the Bible was grossly mistranslated, cherry picked from the ancient texts for occult reasons, or in many places simply made-up out of whole cloth. I have stated on more than one occasion on this site that the King James Version of the Bible was translated by Lord Francis Bacon (A.K.A. William Shakespeare). Many P. Hall author of the “Secret Teachings of all Ages” states that Shakespeare was the Rosicrucian Lord Bacon.

    The Scripture states that we should separate the self from evil, seems like a retreat, and a defeat. How can we stand idle when evil transgresses in such horrific ways? Child pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse are so horrific and so evil, most want to turn-away and protect one’s own sanity. How can we empathize with those who would do such evil to children? Can we imagine the horror that a child feels when being tortured and wishing to be killed? I can not think in my mind what this is like, and want, as a defense to block this from my consciousness. We can not in truth empathize. That is how evil insulates itself from the rational World. It must be that somehow.

    I think the Bible is wrong here, if we believe that we must separate ourselves from those who would do such malevolent crimes, and think that this will all go away. Now is the time to attack in our awareness and in a spiritual sense. Be kind and understanding and empathetic to others. It is time to fight these heinous criminals in everyway and anyway possible!

    As hard as it is, we must forgive those who would do these crimes, otherwise the evil continues. Take no pleasure that wicked persons are sentenced, and removed, thank God that justice is done.

    • Watch this video on “Before It’s News” (BIN)

      “Obscure History of the Catholic Jesuit Order”.

      The number 322 used by the American Illuminati-“Skull & Bones” is the gematrical number for: Francis Bacon. Lord Francis bacon of the British Empire was and remains immensely important to secret societies World-wide. The late Tim Russart of NBC: “Meet the Press” asked each Presidential candidate, John Kerry and George W. Bush about their affiliation with the secret order, Yale, and the significance of this number.

      The British Empire is a continuation of the Roman Empire. The New World Order is a continuation of this old system only in a new location, America.

      • Nothing will change in this World until it is understood that the British Empire is a continuation of this old system, and nothing will change unless this connected snake is ended or truncated.

        This has NOTHING to do with ethnic English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh persons, and furthermore nothing to do with those ethnic Italian.

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