Is Masturbation A Sin?

A viewer of the program has written in to ask if the act of masturbation is a sin according to the Bible. Jessie Czebotar will weigh in on this sensitive topic. Michelle Stefanick continues her exposé of the 1998 East African Embassy bombing and the one long continuum of corruption within the United States government. Stephanie Schaap returns to further discuss the topic of spiritual warfare. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. She is exactly right, masturbation is ungodly. It is an illicit drug that one willingly chooses to take. And, just like with chemical drugs, demons will get involved. She is also correct that demons will come to the person, typically during sleep, and have spiritual demonic sex with that person. Anytime that demons get attached to a person, that person will be adversely affected. Masturbation is sin, and sin is always against God, and sin is always selfish. The woman saying that she needs masturbation to relax, is like saying that she needs alcohol or drugs to relax. Masturbation seems okay on the surface because it supposedly involves no one else, but it is not okay, and will eventually invite demons into that person spirit and life. The Devil seeks to separate us from God.

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