Trump Vs. The Dark Powers

Franchot Pearson joins us to discuss Donald Trump’s battle against the dark powers. Ginny Silcox goes off the grid and talks about gain of function research. Dr. James Fetzer talks conspiracies.

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  1. Former U.S. Navy Seal Michael Jaco in conversation recently with the mysterious Juan O. Savin (107), told a simple joke which is illustrative of the focus or lack of-concerning typical Americans and with respect to their attention to the important issues which affect all of us as a Nation.

    It is noted, that RECENTLY the acuity and wisdom of Americans however, as a “lukewarm/and getting warmer” test and willingness to address these issues is rapidly INCREASING.

    The joke was simply this.

    Two(2)gentlemen are speaking with one another. One precocious, the other lacking that sensitivity. Then and one says to the other:

    PERSON ONE: “Have you heard recently that the most serious problems in the United Sates today are: IGNORANCE and APATHY?”

    PERSON TWO: “Ignorance and apathy, …….well I don’t know….I don’t really care!”

    EXACTLY–precisely the point. BULLSEYE.

    The following might be a small list of reasons why a person might not be engaged mentally in the world around himself; and those matters affecting the SEEING and UNDERSTANDING of those issues right in front of himself.


    —Can not physically see or hear-senses affected
    —Can not mentally see or hear–lack of intelligence
    —Can see hear and understand–just does not care ONLY AFFECT OTHERS
    —Can see hear and understand–feels bad but nothing can do
    —Can only see and hear himself–nonchalant-own plan-everything is COOL
    —Can see and hear and understand–in shock and disbelief-it is not real

    There are psychological theories of “Learned Helplessness” which may help to describe the fugue and hypnosis that Americans seem to be under. Have Americans been taught to be helpless?

    A spell is cast and Americans have learned that there is nothing that can be done. It is all hopeless because those in power use the FACTS as a form of propaganda against the public. Personal arrogance keeps the person’s mind closed, and so the facts go past most Americans like water off a ducks back. The Bible says that “PRIDE comes before the fall.”

    The average American needs to feel some SHAME. The average American needs to know that all of the positive feedback, and reinforcement which has to some extent been unearned and undeserved, is part of the problem.

    Americans need to know that in some respects they are NOT as good and smart as they think they are. Americans expect the best but maybe deserve less that that. Americans are spoiled rotten.

    In the 1950’s when Nikita Khrushchev said of the Americans: “When they become weak and decadent, we will smash them with our clenched fist!” No one could ever imagine a time then when that could possibly be true. Today, however, personal weakness of Americans has lead to decadence and decline of personal and moral values.

    Somewhere above in these definitions and psychological analysis lies the truth and ANSWERS to the problems within the United States and the current psychological maelstrom facing the World as well!

    • Concerning:

      Nikita Khrushchev and the Soviet Union (USSR). I find it interesting that hidden in plain sight in the abbreviated name of the the old Russian empire U.S.S.R is found the name of the ancient founders of the that empire!

      If you take the “R” ending the abbreviation and place it at the front, it spells the word: RUS.S and the name of the the ancient name of the Vikings!

      • When you say: “Wisconsin–YOU’VE SAID IT ALL!”
        (Popular at Camp Randall Stadium)

        When you say: “RUSSIA–YOU’VE SAID VIKING!”


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