Delta Force Raids Adrenochrome Warehouse!

Delta Force operators have raided an Adrenochrome storage facility and seized 600 liters of a substance that Deep State despots believe extends life, prevents illness, and enhances the libido, according to a high-ranking official in the Office of Military Commissions under condition of anonymity. John Carman will provide his take on the latest headlines. Chris Wilson presents evidence the United States is still a British colony. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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    Concerning: The 2030 Globalist Agenda

    If we observe this year 2021 as being the current year, but consider that Jesus Christ by Bible scholars may have been 40 years of age upon crucifixion in AD 33; it means that Jesus Christ was born in 7 BC.

    If 7 BC becomes the year zero (0) for the actual date of our Lord’s birth, then the effective year according to the Roman calendar would be 2021 + 7 or 2028. That projected agenda year (2030) based on Christ’s actual birth year would be approximately 14 months away from now!

  2. I saw once that they get the date from old paintings, 1300 /1400/1500 , and now they can see on these old paintings that its not a “1” its a I” or a “J” for Jesus, so that means they added a 1000 years to the real date ,,, so it realy is 1021 ?

    • Bethlehem Star occurred in 7 BC.

      This was the celestial conjunction of planets:

      Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and possibly Venus

      “Saturn Myth” by Talbot is an interesting read on this subject.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. In my opinion the beginning of the “New World Order” here in the Americas began when the British arrived with everything they had at the mouth of the Dutch Harbor and with Admiral Van Duren of the Dutch colonies accepting terms of “take-over” like a swift invasion at the blade of the Viking-Rus throng.

    With that Dutch New Amsterdam and Manhattan becoming New York of the B.RIT-ISH or the “People of the Blood Writ (COVENANT-pact)” in submission to the god of the Norse or Saturn (EL), the Satanic Mystery Religion of millennia came to the Americas, probably for at least a second time.

    I think Zecharia Sitchin’s work is astonishing and remarkable. Some have said that he may may have pursued some of his work with knowledge and worked to fill-in the gaps. I suppose if one were a reptilian as the fascination Gene Decode has suggested, he no doubt would have a different perspective on things.

    In short, the theme that runs through all of his work is simply this. There has ALWAYS been two (2) clans at war on this planet. The clans are related as one big estranged Family, with antecedents being the progeny of two (2) half brothers. These extraterrestrials from a mysterious planet known as: “Nibiru” were here before humans as we know our species to be. They worked in phases to influence our genetics, and through a staged evolution process brought the human race to where we are today. So much so, and so formidable were the beings of their “creation”, a separation was made between the extraterrestrials, and human culture–keeping mankind in the dark about the genetic influence of aliens.

    It comes down to those who were here on this planet–FIRST; and those who were here under authority of the LAW.

    So there it is, those who claim authority, and ownership based on primacy of first ownership and those who claim ownership and authority based on the law. (The law of another planet-which is now law on Earth–“Maritime Admiralty Law–and the dark rule of the planet Saturn (EL) and of Nibiru the supposed 12th planet in our solar system.)

    The British may think they have a legal right to something. There may be some in the South who think that they may have a legal right to owning a person of Negro race because that person’s grandparents many many generations past were slaves, and so have authority to claim ownership of the product of that property. Americans can see the fallacy of this argument quite clearly.

    Enforcement of unfair and unjust laws means oppression and tyranny.
    The losers become the ethnic English, who with their Lotus cars, and Aston Martin vehicles while quite desirable….are refused by the World.

  4. Mr. Carmen reminds me of the late actor Wilford Brimley.
    When the “Wilford Brimley Story” is being worked-on, he should sign-up.

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