Pizzagate: What Really Happened!

What is the truth behind the Pizzagate conspiracy? Dr. James Fetzer breaks it all down. Ginny Silcox discusses the Survival Energy Generation. Bob Kudla with the latest economic intel. Plus the latest news. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Pfizer–What a sham! Pfizermectin as a prophylactic to prevent COVID-19?!! What is the Pfizer COVID-19 “vaccine” intended to do?

    Oh well, its just an experiment. If it kills you, or turns you into a zombie or robot, its all good! Its just an experiment get over it!

    Let’s worry about the demons escaping from the L.H.C.-CERN, instead.

  2. Dr. Fetzer, my brother an inventor and automotive engineer and member of SAE had his wranglings with the Wisconsin Supreme Court. On more than one occasion, his lawsuits concerning patented automotive technology and issues with shareholders had been denied hearing because of LACK OF STANDING. A case was heard before the former Shirley Abrahamson denying a CEO, President and inventor the right to be self-represented as his own attorney.

    The Wisconsin Supreme Court is a kangaroo court.

    A “special assistant” former Dodge County Judge, Andrew Bissonette worked with Abrahmason. Andrew Bissonnette provided a crucial initial signature to begin the re-call effort of Governor Scott Walker. The corrupt Andrew Bissonette was apparently bribed in my brother’s business automotive case to rule incorrectly against my brother’s company. Once a judge is on the take, he can be used to rule in convenient ways.

    There was a long search effort to find a judge on the take, and it was only after Bissonette was found; he signed the legal paperwork for re-call of Governor Walker. Bissonette was apparently bribed in my brother’s business case; and was extorted to sign the re-call paperwork of Walker.

    I will send you a check.

    Kind regards,

    Mr. Daniel W. Furrer

  3. Concerning the whole grizzly, and I mean horrific talk of child abduction and the vampire use of child blood as a drug; I am reminded of two (2) classic Star Trek episodes. Probably only David remembers watching them live. Trekkers certainly know of the episodes.

    In the episode: “The Deadly Years”, the Enterprise encounters a strange radiation which causes rapid aging. While under heavy attack by the Romulans, Dr. McCoy discovers that a serum made from adrenaline (Adrenochrome?) is the miracle cure to restoration of their youth, and vitality.

    In the episode: “Miri” the Enterprise discovers a planet similar to Earth which experienced devastation through medical experiments having gone horribly wrong. “The Life Prolongation Experiments” extended only prepubescent life, for hundreds and hundreds of years; but then caused rapid burn-out and death upon reaching early adulthood. A planet filled with very old children, and old monsters with hours to live. The “Grups” and the “Onlys”.

    With just minutes left, McCoy injects himself with his the experimental vaccine, but hits a bullseye and is restored to health. (If only Dr. Fauci had watched more classic Star Trek)

    The Enterprise, then uses Chem Trails as a spray in the atmosphere to inoculate the entire planet.

    Star Trek seemed… prophetic? Were the writers encoding messages about these issues, even back in 1967?

  4. It makes sense why Michelle “Big Mike” made such a big deal about the gay football player from University of Missouri, Michael Sam. Did she or he give Michael Sam an award or public recognition for his lifestyle? It all seemed very sordid then, still so now; in retrospect makes more sense knowing that America’s “First Lola” was a guy. FLOTUS–“First Lola of The United States.”

  5. I have tried for days to get you last 3shows and they will not down load. I am able to get all my other people I follow. I tried on rumble and telegram. Google also

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