Demons Are Sending Texts!

A well-known Catholic priest from Washington D.C., recently suggested that violent demons have learned how to send threatening text messages to taunt their victims, their families and the priests who are trying to save them. Brice Watson continues our deep dive into the banned books of the Bible with The Ascension of Isaiah. Janine Morigeau is a gifted Tarot Reader, psychic counselor, artist and intuitive healer. She will tell us what’s in the cards. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Now Brice brought up a tarot card reader??? Wow this is what happens when people get into other so called fake bible books.. If people believe these things then theyre in total deniel of the true Bible.. This is what satan wants.. Goto different sources besides the Gods living words.. Relying on spirts (all guessings and false info) that are not from God is all demons.. I am very sad that Brice got into this.. Brothers and sisters beloved lets pray for our Brice

  2. It just reminded me in the bible passage when theses people said to Jesus “didnt we cast out demons and healed the sick in your name??” And Jesus said ” I never knew you” beloved thats a very scary thought.

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