Craig Sawyer: Hero Or Monster?

Craig Sawyer has been lauded as a hero for his efforts to put an end to child sex trafficking. So why is the United States Border Patrol investigating him for the same crime? Jessie Czebotar weighs in. Michelle Stefanick breaks some bombshell intel on the truth behind the 911 attacks as we approach the 20th anniversary. Plus news and open lines. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. At around minute 24:38 Jessie Czebotar talks about these “clowns” and the type of things that they get up to. I completely support what Jessie Czebotar says re. the acts of criminal harassment that they get up to as I have experienced these myself. There are a large and growing group of people around the world that have experienced these and similar things. People experiencing these types of things often refer to themselves or are referred to as “targeted individuals.” I will try to support Jesse Czebotar’s project to assist whistle-blowers — I’ll go to the website mentioned and make a financial contribution. Thanks.

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