Is Satan Winning?

Bob Kudla joins us to discuss the economy. Jessie Czebotar addresses whether or not the forces of darkness and Satan are winning the spiritual war. Peter Kirby presents “The Power Behind The Chemtrails”. Plus…open lines. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. As I mentioned before, the higher angelic beings, being radiant and resplendent need not struggle in knowing anything. Human beings must have faith that that tomorrow will be like today, or hopefully better but we do not know. We do not know, and that is a blessing by the true and divine creator.

    It is a morality play, a riddle that we choose to participate, or not. The great creator, which Satan is insanely jealous; because the Devil determined a destiny of his own making. Better to rule in hell, albeit for a short while than to serve in heaven. Satan chose losing as a way, he believed in determining a destiny and free will.

    A great criticism of Jehovah (Tetragrammaton YWWH) which IS the name of the true creator of the Universe with definition or All Knowing, All Sensing, All Seeing, All Caring, Omnipotent (All Powerful), Omnipresent (All present everywhere) is that the creator is a despot or tyrant, and those closest to him have no free will to do anything but serve the Almighty. It is not possible for the creator to abdicate or step-down because of the infinite character of God himself. Jesus Christ however is an emanation of the divine as part of the same in a human body. The infinite live outside of space and time, and as such can see the events of space and time, and are not affected by them. Satan chose a losing path to determine a destiny separate from that of divine eternity. He knows that he is a dead duck, and keeps transforming himself into an angel of light-a traveler of both time and space. A fugitive of his own choice, a path which he freely took and accepted, because he could SEE in advance the consequences of his rebellion. We are forgiven, because unlike the higher angelic beings, we can not know and see the future events–COMPLETE END GAME and what cause results of individual choice. He saw the outcome as clear as anyone watching a movie, because he felt he needed to gain free will. He had it, but could not see it. God let him choose a destiny which was an error.

    It is not about the free will of a selfish child that matters. Its the free will of the creator that matters. He gives everyone angel and finite intelligent being a choice to serve truth with free will or the RIGHT TO GIVE IT UP.

    This is understandable, in that a petulant child has been punished. “Satan, GO TO HELL”. This I think, is the greatest act of LOVE by the Great Creator that could possibly ever be shown to the rebellious Lucifer. He had to comply, because he is NOT GOD, and NEVER WILL BE GOD.

    Anything that the created and infinite wishes to know or understand is made aware to them by bringing that thought desire into conscious mind. When God declared in heaven, “I am God, and there is No other before me”. He was not bragging,…. he was stating fact. Even so only 66.6% of the angels remained loyal. So a multitude of infinite beings are alive living a perpetual existence in the vicinity of the Earth.

    It is a riddle, in that while the powerful and keenly aware angels, being of formidable intelligence and beauty, CAN NOT KNOW THE TOIL AND STRUGGLE OF BLINDLY LIVING and having faith in the good. The angles watch events here on Earth, and those who stick with the creator finite and infinite are on the WINNING side. The angels in heaven can see it. The humans must have faith as they can not see Providence.

    It is about proving that the great Creator is NOT a tyrant. He wants everyone to chose life and freedom. The tyranny and lies belong to the dark side. Those who choose to go with darkness, choose a losing side.

    • יהוה is the name of the Hebrew’s God. Pronunciation is a matter of debate because of the uncertainty of the exact vowels which aren’t written in Hebrew. There is no “J” in Hebrew so “Jehovah” can’t be the correct pronunciation. The most popular candidates for correct pronunciation are Yahweh, Yahovah and Yahuah. At least in public, I spell the name, “yod hey vav hey”. I do that out of repect to not pronounce it wrong. I do not believe we will know the correct pronunciation till the two witnesses arrive and tell us. All that being said, I’m sure יהוה will know Whom you mean no matter how you pronounce it. He has many names in Torah that we do know the pronunciation for, such as, “יהוה צבאות”, usually pronounced, “Adonai Tzevaot” – “Lord Of Hosts”.

        • Daniel Furrer, not sure why but I have the strong feeling I should pass on a little more Hebrew you might find useful when encountering someone who has given themselves over to evil and won’t be quiet or are violent. The human probably will not understand the Hebrew but the unclean spirit will and must obey. Keep in mind the Hebrew letters are read right to left.

          #1: שקט בשם ישוע המשיח , pronounced, Sheket b’shem Yeshua Hamashiach, “Quiet in the name of Jesus The Messiah”.

          #2: צאו בשם ישוע המשיח , Ezev b’shem Yeshua Hamashiach, “Leave in the name of Jesus The Messiah”.

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