Is The Bible A Cookbook?

Are there passages in the Bible which refer to cannibalism and the use of Adrenochrome? Is this the reason why many biblical figures lived for hundreds of years? Stephanie Schapp has the horrible truth. Jessie Czebotar will also address this issue plus comment on recent articles by Timothy Charles Holmseth. Sandy Glaze will discuss how Satan sets the table to make us believe we need him for our abundance. Meghan Walsh returns to give us an update on the fight to regain custody of her children from her father John Walsh. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. David, you need to get an interview with Mauro Biglino-Vatican Bible translator. Sarah Westall has done some as well. His book “The Naked Bible” is fascinating. It’s about the Bible telling the story–not of God–but of the Elohim, alien beings who created humans through cloning. He believes in God, but says the Bible is not the story of our Creator. It makes some sense as the Old Testament (about war, allegiance to a wrathful Almighty, killing your enemies, etc.) is so unlike the New Testament which promotes unconditional love for mankind.
    Fascinating reading and would be a great interview for you.

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