The Council Of 13

The Council of 13 involves thirteen members, who make up a cabal, with an agenda to usher a new world order. They were first written about by Fritz Springmeier in his 1998 book, Blood Lines of the Illuminati. Because Springmeier targeted family connections to the Illuminati, Springmeier has been subject to US surveillance. Jessie Czebotar discusses the Council of 13 and who really rules the world. Peter Kirby continues his deep dive into the chemtrail agenda. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. The argument that the Dark Side has always used is that the Great Creator of the Universe is a Tyrant, and as such does not allow free will, especially among the higher angelic beings, who know their destiny.
    SATAN KNOWS THAT HE IS DOOMED. Satan/Lucifer being infinite created ruined his own birthday party and will go down as the greatest loser!

    If somehow you could see into the future a time when tragedy occurs, and see as a movie or television monitor a depiction of tragedy, you would do whatever you could to avoid being at certain places at a particular time. If you see the Golden Gate Bridge collapse, and your Mercedes-Benz splashing into the water causing your death, you would do whatever you could to avoid being there at that particular time. Space and time as a fabric plays out like a movie, so the Dark Side will do whatever they can to change the timelines to change destiny or delay the event. Satan is having great wrath because he knows that his time is short.

    The Dark Side worships a God who threw a temper tantrum, destroyed his Birthday Party, and ruined everything, because of selfishness, FOR THE HELL OF IT. What we are to understand of this is that we WOULD NOT UNDERSTAND OR APPRECIATE HOW WONDERFUL THE BIRTHDAY PARTY WAS-before the tantrum, so the throwing of a selfish tantrum was a good thing. We need to know this according to the Dark Side. The evil makes good better. Therefore evil is good. The fallacy or error is that GOOD IS NOT BETTER, good is good, that’s all, not better or best.

    It is sort of like Nixon who said at his resignation, you can not know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain until you have been in the deepest valley. This is a very false logic.

    Satan wanted to be like GOD, he does not in reality hate God. Either Satan knows his weakness and is jealous of the strength and goodness, or is making an attempt to show that God is good, therefore Satan aspires for goodness, something he lost. Satan knows that GOODNESS is far better than the Darkness. Why else would the Devil aspire for goodness. The angels of Darkness are insanely JEALOUS of the angels of light.

      • It’s more complex than that. I agree Jesus Christ sorts this out in the end. Thank God for Christ, Amen!

        Right now, Christ and God the Father are not the rulers of this fallen world. That is quite clear to anyone with discernment and eyes and ears to see and hear.

        The confusion that pervades this world is about INVERSION. Everything is turned on its head. Left is right, right is left, up is down, down is up. Men are women, women are men. Sick and perverse. And yes, the Satanic argument is that evil is good, or the same thing, therefore is needed and essential. FALSE DOCTORINE.

        Good is good, and there is nothing better than that which is good. Satan insists that there is…another “form of good”.

        Verstehen Sie?

      • It is an attempt by evil to define the good or God by the dark forces of evil.

  2. Good day, I am just watching this show,first time. This whole love of children makes me really sick and scared, since I’m also a mom of two girls. When I heard about that manual (see link I’ve wanted to puke. Still I put my faith in God but I’m very alert.
    I just wanted to add that I’m from the Netherlands. There was a political party (see links:,_Vrijheid_en_Diversiteit & They wanted to lower the age of consent, but it is still 16 years. There was a lot of protest regarding this political party. Kids need to be kids. Hope this helps.


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