Have We Opened The Gates Of Hell?

Pope Francis openly admitted that his push for a One World Religion was a way to put followers under his control and stamp them with the Mark of the Beast. Have the Gates of Hell been opened? Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues our deep dive into the banned books of the Bible. Brice also begins a new series exposing cults disguised as religions. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Ritual sacrifice of children? Is this real?

    The Late Father Malachai Martin, Roman Catholic priest and a guest favorite of Art Bell claimed to have witnessed ritual sacrifice under the Vatican. There are many posts and web pages detailing the late Father’s claim. Ritual sacrifice to Satan is clearly a false doctrine. A “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”.

    It’s like the scariest satanic soap opera. No it’s not “Dark Shadows”, its a real true to life: “As the Baphomet Turns” with very special guest star: Linda Blair.

  2. August 1993: I had my own personal private “rapture” to HEAVEN while conscious and walking to work.

    It had taken me from July 1987 to August 1993 to successfully break through into HEAVEN itself!

    My soul was taken by Jesus Christ to HEAVEN to stand there in front of HIM and HE asked me if I wanted to stay there or return to Earth.

    I was allowed to return to tell everyone that Heaven was real.

    The only place left for me to go to was HELL itself.

    I spent the next ten years attempting to break through in my mind into HELL.

    I finally succeeded and in late October 2003 I was dragged to “Hell” itself –
    and survived and returned to Earth.

    Early December 2003: THE ONE “TRUE” MOST HIGH FATHER ORIGINAL SOURCE CREATOR GOD arranged in HIS DIVINE TIMING that I met my wife my ONE TRUE PERFECT LOVE (My Eternal Beloved Twin Flame).

    THE ONE “TRUE” MOST HIGH FATHER ORIGINAL SOURCE CREATOR GOD came down into our room in London, United Kingdom in ALL of HIS DIVINE GLORY and MAJESTY to personally Bless Our Sacred Eternal Twin Flame Marriage.

    My wife and I then spiritually “merged” AS ONE with each other.

    WE then spiritually “merged” AS ONE with GOD HIMSELF.

    Then WE both “ASCENDED” each other across – in a tsunami tidal wave of ecstasy – to GODS GOLDEN SPIRITUAL REALM “HOME” of Timeless Infinite Multidimensional Universe Shattering Orgasmic Love Bliss Joy Peace Power Glory and Happiness Forever!

    True story!

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