Obama Ran White House Pedo Ring

Child trafficking by the Obama/Biden Administration using the Clinton Foundation was well known in the intelligence community. The extensive network of Child Sex Trafficking was believed organized by the Black Hats, or Illuminati at the Vatican and funded by the CIA Black Budget and Chinese Communist Party Child Trafficking Ring. Jessie Czebotar of Illuminate The Darkness on her new book. Peter Kirby discusses chemtrails. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!’

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  1. Ok the CDC fully said that the mask don’t work and now your saying that CDC say they are making them mandatory for ever . Man you have to get your shit stright or share some of that good weed that’s making your thoughts all messed up .

    • David Zooblick is not high. His eyes are red from despair, not toxicity.

      However….I am. In fact, we can all meet on the Tute Banks along the Paramillo River. Remember we always meet on the third turn of Saturn. Mark that on the earthly calenders. As for pie, bring your own, savvy?

    • This will wait for moderation it probably wont be posted!

  2. On the day all of the evil sobs are put to death I will thank god, trump, military and any others that aided in ending the heynas evil things that the political leaders in America, Hollywood stars,elites as they see themselves are Executed, each and every one of them, to me this includes all the media, if not for them the medias help, the leftest Demons would not have been able to harm and kill millions of innocent beautiful children. In my opinion the media’s that were covering up for these evil demons should be executed asap. There the real cause of this heynas evil bullshit, why haven’t any of them been dragged to the noose, God be with all of you evil sinister ugly people that harmed little children innocent beautiful children for your selfish gain. May they all find God in all this.

    • I can’t pray for them to find God, eventhough God says He wishes that all would come to the knowledge of His Sin, Jesus Christ. So, to be obedient, I pray Your will be done, Father. That’s the best I can do. God has been patient with these evil-incarnate people. He has given them a lifetime to repent. It is obvious they haven’t. God will deal with them soon, accordingly. This verse comes to mind: What does it profit a person to gain the whole world,but lose their soul. And In hell, they lifted up their eyes…..

  3. If Joe Biden was involved in pedo child trafficking then why is he still representing as the President of the United States?

    • Because there is NO one prosecuting him, they are all in it together…..Jeez where have you been, .There IS no justice in USSA now, until we SAY NO and drag this load of scum out..

    • Do you not know that Trump is the rightful President; that the DS Dems & Rhinos colluded with foreign countries to rig the election? President Trump did not concede to JB. The Military is in charge at present. Trump & the USA Military are allowing the DS to use JB as their puppet to reveal to the American people their agenda to destroy America & bring in a NWO run by the DS ,including China.
      Americans need to wake up. President Trump, the Military & the good guts are taking down the corrupt system that has run our country (behind the scenes) for as long as I can remember & I am 66 years old. ( BTW: Joe B. Was in government for almost 50 years before 2020. If the guy they are calling JB turns out to be the “real” JB, I will be shocked because, to me, he does not look like or act like JB. ( PS: It is public knowledge that JB was operated on in his brain to try to stop his Pedo urges & was forced into therapy for the same. Have you not seen how he sniffed children, kissed them & said very inappropriate things to them in public, when he was VP for Barry O?) I don’t know how you could have missed it.

  4. When I see that pic of that little girl on Barry’s lap, I get sick. That looks like the same little girl on the boat,chilling. If that was my child, I would insist upon her face being blocked out. God help that little girl, if she is even still alive & all the thousands of children they have inflicted so much terror & pain upon.

  5. My question is, if Trump knew about the children under the WH why didn’t he rescue them when he got into the office in 2016?

  6. Tras ver las fotos de Epstein y Gislaine Maxwell con el expresidente Bush,pensábamos que eran quienes llevaban el círculo del Capitolio,pero no,pues llevaban otro círculo.Hace poco se ha afirmado que el que dirigía el círculo era Weinstein,quien también lo dirigió en Hollywood,por eso formaron el movimiento me too para sacarle,personajes como Justin Bieber que ha sido ejecutado.Que ahora digan que es Obama…pensábamos que estaba más relacionado con el Hyad y con el Isis (Obama y Hyllary),creemos que era Weinstein,por qué ahora Bien intenta extraditar lo,terminará suicidándose?,si dicen que también ha sido ejecutado,estamos viendo una película?,se trata de dobles de personajes famosos?.

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