Must Watch Video! Military Rescues Kids From Traffickers

Shocking audio and video of trafficked children being rescued by the Joint Special Operations Command has surfaced. This is MUST WATCH video! Extremely disturbing photos of the victim from Frazzledrip that made grown men and women in law enforcement cry is circulating and we have it! Ronnie McMullen has intel on how everything is being engineered to put fear into the American people. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues our deep dive into yoga, Michael and Debi Pearl and a TikTok stars whose family is being held hostage by a cult called the Shekinah Church. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

To watch Part 1 of the program on Bitchute, click here:

To watch Part 1 of the program on Rumble, click here:

To watch the full show at Dark Outpost TV, click here:


  1. I have tried to down load the show three times and it cuts off after it talks about joining to be able to see all the hours. It will not down the show that shows children being saved!

    • What you can do is record that part of the show with your phone, while it’s playing on your PC.. you can also screenshot the frazzledrip pics, but I would use a regular camera and keep that kind of pic out of “Google photos” for your own best interest.. might be illegal to own.. not sure!

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