Putin: We Are Rescuing Biden’s Victims

Vladimir Putin’s Spetznas have rescued hundreds of children in Ukraine who are being held captive and groomed for sex trafficking in the United States. Putin claims that many of these children are under the direct control of the U.S. government, with operational control being run by the Biden administration and former president Barack Obama. Putin vows to save these children. Annette Rauch gives us an update on the March to End Human Trafficking and CPS Corruption. Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta continues our discussion on Debi Pearl’s book on being a submissive wife. Elizabeth Harding returns to give a progress report on her story regarding Covid, pedophilia, judicial corruption, and having her children kidnapped and trafficked to their pedophile father while he was missing and undergoing a pedophilia investigation. Plus…a shocking video has surfaced of Jeffrey Epstein extracting adrenochrome from a tortured child. Warning: not for the faint of heart. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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