Queen Elizabeth Executed

Reports are coming in fast and furiously that Queen Elizabeth has died. Intel points to her having died a while ago, and possibly by execution. Is the news of her death just now rising to the surface in preparation for a major global event? Riss Flex joins us to discuss the latest developments. Meghan Walsh and Penny Shepard continue their exposé into the bizarre life of Meghan’s father John Walsh, and his possible involvement in the death of his son Adam Walsh. Chris Wilson uncovers the truth about an Atlantean Princess burial tomb discovered in Turkey, and a millennia old advanced underground mining system discovered in the Grand Canyon. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. There are no aliens! The only things on this planet are mortals and Satan and fallen angels. The fallen angels demons try to find vessels to enter. They have screwed wirh there dna and are not human but can be taken over by fallen angels. There are no aliens. Good doesn’t allow it. Only fallen angels in genetically messed up bodies.

  2. Let that be a lesson. Too much red meat and blood means another…permanent annus horribilis!

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