Clapper Confirms: Mike Pence A Pedo!

James Clapper admits under interrogation that Mike Pence And John Roberts are pedophiles. Capitol riots were staged events produced by Hollywood with crisis actors. Plus… Jessie Czebotar takes your questions. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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    • That interrogation of clapper in your video is the audio from the lin wood posted weeks ago. That is not clapper. I’ve seen the video several times. Do your research before you give false hope of some bombshell clapper confession.

      • You know Brian I just never know what to believe on this site. A lot of the stuff I want to believe but then I find something else out and I think how could they post that on this site. It’s really upsetting because I’m desperate for honest news

      • I’m listening to both videos. They are the same. This is not False Hope. Listen to them at the same time. That is Clapper.

  1. I wish you could put up closed captioning for the audio portions of this program – particularly what Clapper says. I’m only partially deaf but without lips to read it is especially difficult. Thanks in advance!!!

  2. My god, this is the dumbest website ever. I can not beleive some people believe this crap. It makes statements that are crazy and then never follows up on them. Hell , in jan it said mike pence had been hung at gitmo. What about all the kids taken from under the whitehouse?

    • This guy makes it look like we. Have never heard this information before…he is so dramatic, it’s comical, but I guess he’s is interesting if you ignore his drama..what bothers me is that he won’t give anything away, u
      You have to pay for it.

  3. Sounds too good to be true about arrests and such, but more details need to surface about these thousands of rescued kids. Who was feeding them in these tunnels? That’s a lot of food not to mention body waste to deal with. After rescuing the kids, WHERE ARE THEY BEINV TREATED? Without photographic evidence. Or video, it all could just be make-believe. Will DNA tests be run to determine if they’re children of the peodophiles? This has to be released soon. Americans are at a breaking point with Biden at the apparent helm.

  4. I feel the same way. This is Linwood. I heard the recordings linwood put out and this is one of the recordings. FACT

  5. It wasn’t James Clapper in that recording. News of this broke online the same day Zublick posted this video. Dave should probably address this and state that it’ s fake news. Reporting falsehoods in error is one thing. Knowing you’ve reported in error and not addressing it is what MSM does.

    • I agree. When we are inundated with deception, it is incumbent on honest journalists to admit error.

      • Thank you Cynthia. I’ve followed Zublick off and on since 2018. I don’t want to write him off but I have to for now since he won’t correct his incorrect reporting. Think about how I feel! I have nowhere to get alt news now. 🙁

  6. The back ground is fake. I saw the back of his chair appearing and disappearing in a previous video. I’m done. This is BS. Mike Pence executed by shooting squad?? Right.

  7. I looked at Ezra Cohen-Watnick’s Telegram account (created Dec 26, 2020) and there is no entry of any of this info on Pence or Roberts. Then I checked out his Twitter account and again found no reference to these Gitmo Tribunals. If you are going to put this information online then you must give info so we can verify it. Too much misinformation out there – who are you actually working for? White hats or black hats?.

    • Download the app called Duck duck go in your playstore. Its another search engine that works just like Google. But it’s not censored. Type in Military tribunals. There u will find the list of names of all the ones that have been charged with high crimes such as treason, child pedophilia,rape and on. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you Laura for sharing this site.Everyone needs to watch it.
        “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”

        (Matthew 24:21)

  8. Just watched the video of the woman telling about the CYM Company and all the children and names and birthdates and on and on and you are trying to sell this to people with a membership of yours !!! It’s totally disgusting and soo illegal as these are names and birth dates of children that have been kidnapped for Christ’s sake!!! I sure as hell hope and pray that you have turned this over to someone that will do something about it and not just anybody!!
    Where is the update on this story and what has transpired if anything at all to date? Have the children been rescued ???

    • Don’t get upset with David for sharing the truth with us. It has been all over the News, Even the FAKE NEWS, that these children are being found and rescued.Pedophilia has been going on for years and years. And it would have continued, had it not been for God Exposing Everything. You haven’t seen anything yet. Watch this video “The Fall of The Cabal” Found at and you will see Exactly what’s been going on for a very long time.Children are being rescued every day.

  9. Pence made a public statement a few daya ago. This video says Pence was executed. That means we are dealing with unverified information from an unreliable source here.

    • Are we?? How many of the Left have body doubles? Do you really think they don’t??

  10. You can tell Jan. 6th was staged. How many other attacks were staged?? This actress that portrayed herself as a Veteran of the U.S. Military should be ashamed of herself. I am a Veteran, and I do not appreciate it.

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