Children Rescued Under White House

We may now know the real reason why the White House has gone dark for several days subsequent to the fake inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris On January 20th. It can now be revealed due to shocking video from those who have spent time in Washington D.C doing undercover investigations, that thousands of children have been rescued from bunkers located underneath the White House and the United States Capitol. Plus..special guest Simon Parkes discusses the election, Trump’s military controlling the government, the fake inauguration, COVID-19 and UFOs. Tonight’s show is a one-time-only broadcast to all platforms free of charge. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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      • Yes I agree. I for one, never protect these sickos. I call them out for what they are. Unfortunately FakeBook would rather advertise for Pedophiles & how we must accept it, than allow the Truth to be posted. The Truth gets you banned. Can you believe this is how Social Media plan to keep the $heeples dumb. Sad ?

        • I think it’s time to ban FB all together! There would be a noticeable effect if millions of Americans and others left them. There are plenty of avenues now for the TRUTH to be protected and/or can be passed around very fast. Telegram hasn’t been banning anybody, and there is more truth circulating around that should make some people very, very scared. People need to rise above and cause this whole sick caldron of demons to run with fear! Darkness cannot hide in the light!! No more will we be blind sided, wool put over our eyes, sweep truth under the rug, be fearful of retaliation, or be silenced. Though this satanic cabal runs deep, we are the majority–a force not to be reckoned with!

    • Biden ? A professional criminal ,
      A long with Them criminal’s in
      The USA house of representative & the senators
      All of them should be charge with high treason

    • I am afraid to watch. this is far beyond what my Nyquil induced sleep ever led me to know this had been going on. Evil must be destroyed and encapsulated for eternity never to be allowed in a our world again.

    • That’s not a compliment and I disagree, I don’t think David looks anything like that pedophile.

    • Julmcray
      Now that the old iron curtain is darkening our door it’s wake up time for the American people. Wearing masks to dehumanize us and social distancing to stop us from gathering in numbers. Trump has done an amazing job but we need to contribute to the cause. Our freedom is in critical condition. We can’t let fear and complacency stop us. 2021 is the final phase. Our window of time is shrinking. God help us!

  1. you talk SOOO SLOW i cannot follow….you stop mid- sentence as if you are changing subjects….SPEED IT UP A BIT SO WE CAN FOLLOW!

    • I have found on other such videos I turn the viewing speed up to 1.25x or 1.5x. The tone stays the same, but the cadence picks up. I lived near Chitcago and work with people from New York, I can understand speech at a good clip.

    • Video speed can be altered to suit you – a very handy option – the cog icon, bottom right of the video, gives you an option to slow or speed up the video. 1.5 is a good speed for this one.

    • Patience is a virtue. And faith is a must. Do you have a clue or are you just someone who happened to get this info? You know nothing about militaty ops & wonder if you care about kids at all?

      • I have viewed David’s videos for several years. He’s information is always good. He has done a lot to expose the pedophiles and child sex trafficking. Many people were unaware of this. David was among the first to speak out about it on video. I doubt he relies totally on outside info. I’ve been researching for well over a decade & David has himself don’t extensive research, I can tell you that much. I always come & see what David’s sharing. He is no fly by night, just sucking things out of thin air, like I’ve seen many newer ones do. He’s a very reliable source.

  2. T Denny SAnford, the state’s richest man, pedophile and South Dakota mogul, who controls the political, healthcare and financial stings here (Sanford also, has a crispr lab in Sioux FAlls, SD and a Chinese lab) has been working on COVID therapy WITH THE CHINESE since 2014. Note CERN (Gothard Switzerland) works with BOTH BILL GATES and Sanford. Contact me for articles

    • When has the White House has gone dark for several days; when did we see the AOC hologram; when did we see all of the ambulances? BIDEN.

    • Trump was not aware of this horror show. Get a grip and stop being brainwashed about Trump. He’s an amazing man and leader and he’s the reason all of this is being cleaned up. You’re Trump Derangement Syndrome had to come out though. I guess you forgot about the real issue at hand which is the torture and rape of our children. Wake up.. SmFh.

  3. I was wondering if going forward can you have closed caption on for the hearing impaired please thanks ?

  4. Is the beginning of this video the only part that talk about the kids at the white house? Because unless I missed something I didn’t see any real proof provided…

    • It’s illegal to display images of children that were involved in human trafficking. Want your proof, do some fucking homework and you’ll get your proof. Meanwhile, it’s people like you that complain while our children suffer. Good lord.

    • We saw all kinds of buses, arriving to pick up many people. It was a lot of buses so it wasn’t a few people. Go to that Mustang guys video, I watched it live when he was there. You see them all arriving. So unless they were loading up the entire Congress, this makes sense. George HW Bush was a very sick Satanic Pedophile who had orphans brought to the WH. At the time I was very impressed that he hadn’t forgotten the lost souls. A couple years after this I fell down the rabbit hole right into George HW Bush & discovered why the orphans were in fact brought to the WH. I was sick. I can tell you his pal, Bill Clinton that took over loved little boys, but that High Priestess wife of his is an Adrenochrome junkie. I can believe if anyone tortured these poor victims, the High Priestess & the Obama’s, another satanic bunch of Pedophile Adrenochrome junkies. Obama must have wanted new flesh to abuse, that’s why they brought them in, for his last party. The one that cost taxpayers $ 65 000 for an intimate farewell party. I hope no one actually thought that was for pizza. Since Bush Sr – to Obama America was run by Satanic Pedophiles & I told Obama we would not allow another Pedophile back in the WH on Twitter. I guess they showed us, they’d get back in, with a huge steal. These people are disgusting & should all be hung in public. But with the corruption in the Courts & Justice Depts it may have to be the People, who serve Justice on them. Hopefully the Military have already done their job. But we’ll watch the show been played out, from Culver City for the $heeple. Unfortunately many are as blind as bats. They can’t see through the piles of Bull Shit, they’ve been fed daily by MSM, Social Media & their lying, criminal bunch of Satanic Pedophiles they blindly support. Some just can’t see they still on 3D vision while many of us are on 4 or 5 D viewing.

  5. It is not a vaccine! It is a bioweapon to change your DNA and to get herds of their cattle (We The People) to comply with future vaccines that will do even more damage and control us and depopulate us! Listen to Bill Gates he over and over said to depopulate. Look at the Globalist Agenda the population is needed to be at what? 500,000,000 That is millions of people need to die according to their rules!!

    • The quota was 2.5 million by end of 2020. As they destroyed crops & got farmers to destroy their cattle with their lies of Covid spreading to them. These evil people on the left have been in with UN since the 60s. When President Kennedy wouldn’t fall in with their evil NWO , they had him assassinated. President Trump is the first President, since President Kennedy to turn his back on the evil UN. They’ve now moved the 2030 agenda to 2025 remember, which is when they want the 5 Billion gone. But if we all smart, we’d be growing what we can to survive. The International Human Rights council have issued an arrest warrant for Gates, Fauci & the rest of these liars. I can’t post it here but I’ll send it to David & perhaps, he can show it on his screen. But it is available at their site. They need to go. There’s a lot less of these Demonic Rats running around, than us. We need to stand up for Humanity. These vampires have no rights on our earth. They just demonic liars & cons. People are starting to realize that. We hope ?. Stay safe . stay informed & spread the Truth. Thanks for been part of the Truth Seekers. WWG1WGA

  6. I turned it off when Simon said that Legal ballots had RFID that could be read from space. Bull Shit!

  7. Since they are supposed to be freed now that Trump is no longer there, did he lock them up there? People turn on their minds and still don’t believe every crap. Just because someone wrote something down doesn’t mean it’s the truth !!

    • Good grief. Use your mind. They are there and have been there way back to earlier presidents. Trump started this war with the dems to get rid of the ones abusing those children. Hillary, Bill, Obama, the Bushes, Jimmy Carter. They hate him so much because he WILL stop them and put them in Gitmo, thus the last four years of torturing Trump. On the 3ird or 4th, dozens of tour busses and vans were taken on to Capital grounds, still guarded by NG. they loaded up thousands of children from tunnels and cages and brought them out. Another man filmed from a distant could see the kids.

    • You are 100% right. That’s why we always say, do your own research. David and them open your eyes but it’s up to you to find your own truth. Yes the ballots did have water marks etc added. The military were able to trace the ballots. If they had a chip in, naturally you’d be able to view it. Satellites are always in space, so his comment from space is correct. But as I said, they gave you info & now you need to go find your truth. You can trust yourself to find the Truth.

  8. I live in Tennessee and have the desire to help Simons work when he comes to the u.s . What can I do to help the rescued people ? My heart breaks for them . Please let me know

  9. Regarding the Kracken part – but what about the ballots that had votes for Trump and were thrown away? And regarding the E escape on 1/6 – really? I don’t think secret service guards could be that stupid… So, another layer in the mystery again… Ghislaine has also spilled DUMB locations apparently.

    • I think that’s probably how all those were cleared out in Australia and Tasmania which is just one big DUMB taking up the entire underground of that country. The Demonic bunch from here started the tunnels in Australia & they had a lot. This came out later, I’m guessing one of the 2 from pedo island exposed that info. Their DUMB’S are fairly new. But they’ve even built them in countries they started destroying way back after they assassinated Kennedy. Rhodesia & South Africa their first 2 practice runs, now both have tunnels. They also have lots of children that were good for trafficking.


    • You can’t trust the FBI / CIA / Barr & the Justice Dept. many are compromised and let’s not forget Scumbag Soros has bought the Justice & Judges. Now they pushing to legalize pedophilia & California with those self elected Scumbags, naturally pushed it through. They’d practically got it legalized on their previous bill, legalizing child prostitution.

  11. Show us the HARD EVIDENCE. We’ve been WAITING FOR OVER 4 YEAES- I’ve only shared peanuts compared to what you say you have. We need to drive them crazy and sink their lifeboat. Their ship is long gone. THE TRUTH MUST STAND !!!!

  12. I’m not buying the part about the “military not wanting history to write them as bad guys for interfering” because there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Trump received 75% or more of the votes. And I’m not buying the part about the “military and Trump waiting for more sheeple to wake up and be more ready to support Trump” because if Trump received 75% or more of the votes, then that’s not many people to worry about! And WTF are they going to announce that it was Antifa and BLM and paid actors who infiltrated the Capitol building after being engaged by Pelosi, Soros, etc.? They ought to have that evidence also. Personally, I am getting really impatient living with all these lies. Even though Trump’s defense in the impeachment was awesome in showing the lies and fabrication and manipulation in the House Managers’ case, who is going to see it on MSM except maybe a handful of sheeple who saw it during the day? And Flynn, Lin Wood, all the others who say that We Patriots have to get out there and wake the others up – well, we’ve been trying and trying and trying. How do we get there with the MSM still spewing the same propaganda? Getting very frustrated here. Thanks for a good news video!

    • I agree with you. We spread the word to wake people up and get banned for it I’ve been trying to wake people up on Facebook for over 10 years on this satanic pedophile stuff. Back then they called you mad for speaking of it. Now they ban you so I’m only on conservative sites and they all awake already so how must we wake the Sheeples when we banned for trying

  13. If their were children under the White House wouldn’t they have been there when Trump was in the White House….?

    • Yes they were but 15 miles down and he has been trying to help them since 2018. Lots of traps down there and lots of bad guys as well. Many layers many under ground cities and military bases. It has taken him this long to get them all out safely and capture the bad guys.

  14. Epstein managed to escape ????. Seriously ?. I’m convinced these corrupt politicians and elites are into some really sick shit but let’s try to stick to some sort of reality. Thousands of kids were rescued from under the White House and nobody is reporting on this besides this site. I need to see some legitimate evidence besides some crap ass, grainy video from a mile away.

    • I am 100 with you. He lost all credibility when he called Harris Kameltoe. What a crock of shit.

  15. I agree 100 percent with you I think ALL of Trumps people should delete theirs accounts on Facebook on a certain day,all at once!
    I’ll check back here for your reply and let’s get this happening around the world! For our President and for our nation.
    And not accusing but my first time on this site and why does this man here look like a helogram????

  16. These People Who were Taken Out At Gitmo. Why Are their Relatives Not Speaking Or Ranting About It. That Is My Question

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