Child Trafficker Mother Teresa Was Anthony Fauci’s Mother

New bombshell intel reveals that Dr. Anthony Fauci is the son of the late Mother Teresa, who was a child trafficker for Jeffrey Epstein!

WELCOME TO THE FALL OF THE FALSE IDOLS: We all know the name Mother Teresa. She won a Nobel Peace Prize for her so-called humanitarian work and founded the Missionaries of Charity.

When She was on her world tour she gathered millions (rumored to be billions) of dollars from the rich, because they foolishly believed that she would be able to help the poor and suffering in India. Many people would believe that India was and currently is eternally grateful to her. How wrong they are! But what did she really do with all that money? It surely wasn’t used to improve the conditions of the suffering. Mother Teresa was not a living saint and in fact was somewhat morally corrupt — with a lot of evidence.

Mother Teresa’s money was mostly spent on funding Pedophilia and child rape, and not on the poor. She built a hundred facilities all over the world with her name and organization ‘Missionaries of Charity’ on each one. Most of them were nunneries and Papist-run children’s homes. where millions of children were abused, beaten and sodomised on a daily basis.

Many of these children were brainwashed and conditioned into cult-like-thinking, to make them act like her, thus sprang her “cult of suffering.” Ever wondered why the Catholic Church rushed to canonize Mother Teresa after her death? Turns out she was a child trafficker, selling babies & funneling between $50-100 million/year to the Vatican. Mother Teresa’s connections include Baby Doc Duvalier, the Haitian dictator, Saving’s and Loan criminal Charles Keating, and Robert Maxwell, the father of Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. And here’s the kicker! Mother Teresa opened the D.C. based Home for Infant Children with none other than Hillary Clinton. This orphanage of sorts was quietly closed in 2012.



    • Well there is a article about her in India by a large Indian publication saying she did the same thing so hmmm don’t think the ones proclaiming to be saints are usually not the case my friend . How about dig your self and find out .

    • Penn and Teller did a thing in mother Teresa. Years ago. Exposing evil. It didn’t quite get to the depths of child trafficking but it was an eye opener.

  1. Setting up child trafficking rings & child sexual abuse institutions aren’t the only things Mother Teresa was hiding from the public.
    In fact, Mother Teresa was NOT a “mother” at all because “she” was a MALE!
    Doctors destroy health, judges & lawyers destroy justice, scientists destroy facts, psychiatrists destroy minds, religious institutions destroy spirituality, governments destroy freedom, educational institutions destroy knowledge, mainstream media reports destroy truth!
    TEL-LIE-VISION was invented to be used as a WEAPON against humanity, in order to control & manipulate what people think & feel, to distract people from crimes being committed against humanity, to subdue, to hypnotize, & to conduct wide scale population brainwashing.
    80%+ of all charities are in the business of doing the exact OPPOSITE of what their mission statement claims.
    Hollywood is named after the wooden holly sticks WITCHES use to cast SPELLS on people!!! They KNEW people would FOLLOW THE STARS! 90% of celebrities were born the opposite gender that they portray themselves to be to the public. JLo, Angelina Jolie, Jodie Foster, Charlize Theron, Mila Kumas, Jennifer Aniston, Maddona, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga were all born MALE!!!

    • My personal opinion is that the Catholic church is not really a Christian Institution.
      Leviticus 26:1 tells us “do not make idols for yourselves”. Yet the church has idols after idols from the moment you walk into the church.
      The people confess their sins to the priest. Yet, the only one who can forgive sins is Jesus.
      The Bible also teaches in Matthew 7:21, “not all who call me Lord Lord shall enter the Kindom of God.
      So yes, I believe the Catholic Church is very involved in Child trafficking. It is a false church misleading many in doctrine so once you go that deep, anything goes.
      Plus children have spoken about the abuse. Did anyone hear them, or still a coverup?

    • I agree with you 100%. What will make people wake up?? I’ve tried, now I’m a lonely awake person. Someday humanity will have to face what it refused to acknowledge. Maybe not until they meet their maker. Then what will they say?

  2. Wow, how far can a sick mind go? Have some respect, please. Mother Teresa is now a saint in the presence of Our Lord. Please go treat yourself in order to be able to truly repent and then please confess all your sins while there’s still time… don’t joke about your life people, our souls never die. May God help you choose wisely the place you’ll spend eternity.

    • Lorena, please investigate and do your own research. The Catholic Church and its leaders are extremely corrupt and have been lying to us for centuries. They have hidden God’s laws from us, and have manipulated the information that they have shown us. God Bless You!

      • Yes i agree with ypu Catholic churchs practices have nothing to do with GOD or helping people. Not all but the Vatican for SURE!!

  3. Iam is very sick in the head. Making negative hasty generalizations like doctors destroy health has been said by quacks, charlatans, and snake oil salesmen. Lawyers and Judges destroy justice. Those generalistic statements about all people in such professions as being badare very misleading. There both good and bad in everything

  4. Been saying this for years!! So much evidence! Best thing about Covid shut downs is that ppl are waking up to the truth! Have you seen the pics of her with Gillian Maxwells father ? Such evil ppl !

  5. To those who don’t believe, no explanation is possible. To those who do believe, no explanation is necessary. And that applies to EVERYTHING.

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