Border Children ‘Sold’ To D.C. Politicians

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that children of illegal aliens who are currently being caged in detention centers near the U.S. – Mexico border, are having their organs and adrenochrome harvested for sale via the dark web and other venues, and many of the preteen and teenage girls and boys are being trafficked to top democrat politicians in Washington, D.C. Some of the children have also been transported to a replica of the White House in Atlanta, Georgia, where they have been trafficked directly to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Plus…Airman Jim reveals that Elon Musk is an extraterrestrial. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Fuckface Fauci is a non human evil reptilian..he has the same vibe as Bill Butthead Gates.. these creatures have no souls. You’re not alone David, other families are divided over getting the jab.. we just have to be there for them & set the example

    • Very good advise, but it will be hard not to slap sense into the dumb fucks to whomever is censoring my shit your a fucking creepy queer bait that is a liar and demon, chickenshit losers.

  2. Thank you David Zublick, for your MUCH NEEDED comic relief!!! Especially in these Dark Ages.
    I thoroughly enjoy your insights, your perspectives, and your humor!!!

  3. I predicted this two weeks ago, and they don’t care if we know or not, folks Americans need to OPEN your fucking eyes cause the sheeples are partly responsible for the satanist killing innocent beautiful children and TRAFFICING them to hell. Better be ready for your asses to either get slapped upside your heards( in hope that your blocked ignorance of the factual truth about children I repeat INNOCENT children are being tortued by the mfers you continue to support, unless of course your a pedo too. If so your day is coming and unfortunately you all will be quickly put to death while babies young children that can’t defend themselves are being slowly and brutitaly tortured,. I will NEVER understand how ignorant and blinded by the truth will cause more kids to suffer because there are some fucking stupied adults that can’t bring themselves to even fact check what’s being exposed, there is not one word that describes what kind of people you bastards (sheeples) are, God bless these beautiful innocent children and to you stupied ignorant pos sheep will answer to father God, ignorance is not a reason to just block out our further generation of children unable to save themselves. Sheeples=stupied ignorant mfers that deserve mental shock treatment to spark a small part of the evil and torture you are all allowing to go on. From me to you all burn in hell and that is not what you all really have coming, when your heads are hanging in shame believe if I see you you might get your ass kicked and beat down till you can’t see or speak.

  4. Where’s my post, I’m not on any of the evil internet sites but I’m being censored, well the truth will be exposed and you mr fact checker will get your ass along with all the fucking sheeples before this child torture is over, yours will be far slower and much more painful. GFY

  5. Sick demented twisted mfers are going to get there’s, one way or the other, God promises that. Save the children people it’s time we do something and I mean something that will catch the evil bastards attention, like a million people at the Georgia Capitol of pedo joe and camel toes Harris waiting to grab them both up and torture them then drain there nasty evil blood at the local trash site along with there carcuusses in mangled worthless bodies, just like the innocent children’s they tortued, I stated this would happen weeks ago, they must be desperate and starving for there adrenocrome fix, sheeples you all made this possible.

  6. Death and severe tortue to all whom hurt, torture, kill and drink blood of innocent children, you are all going to pay for the evil twisted shit you’ve all came to love doing, maybe try to do your shit on someone that can defend themselves from all you weak pos mfers, may you feel the kids tortue you bestowed upon the precious children. Do tell who is the liar censoring the factual truth about all you fucking evil demonic Lousey worthless murders, we the people that do have brains and we are many might just pay you a visit very soon, then what bitches try your shit on someone that can and will cause you all the same pain and evil you’ve done to our children. The day is close that we take matters in our hands and give you all what you duly deserve. Your all not above the wrath of pissed off sick and tired of you all descent patriots that are really getting sick of you desperate evil pos doing what your all doing, so the last laugh and last ones you’ll see before your sent back to fucking where you all came from. Dirt bags must be destroyed.

  7. I’m listening. I will never get this or any other vaccine.
    I am distressed that I was vaccinated at the time of my infancy.

    Our family is praying for a quick return of our President Trump
    and the downfall and true JUSTICE Against all of those doing
    and who are supporting these atrocities.

    Be Safe and seek to honor our God and His Beloved Son.

  8. Yes David, the Deep State Traitors, the DNC and the Fake News Media are trying to back US into a corner with no way out. We The People must resist and not fall to these Radical Marxists Traitors.


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