A German Film About A Man And His Robot Daughter’s Sexual Relationship Triggers Walkouts And Outrage

A sci-fi film is getting a lot of heat over its very controversial relationship between a grown man and a young female robot. Directed by Austrian filmmaker Sandra Wollner, the film premiered at the Berlinale 2020 film fest, and as you can imagine, it has received an enormous amount of backlash, outrage, and disgust.

The Troublesome Plot

In the film, The Trouble with Being Born, a grown man, played by Dominik Warta, gets a child-like android to replace his 10-year old daughter who went missing 10 years ago. The robot looks exactly like a 10-year old little girl because she is in fact played by 10-year old actress Lena Watson. The man calls the robot “Elli” and she calls him “Daddy.” Although the sexual relationship the man has with Elli in the film is implied, there is no doubt that the father is indeed having a sexual relationship with her. In one particularly disturbing scene, Elli is laying naked on the counter as her father removes her vagina and tongue for cleaning.

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