2nd Hillary Snuff Film Surfaces

During recent overnight raids of underground tunnels beneath the White House and the Capitol, a new Hillary Clinton snuff film has surfaced, this one said to be 100 times worse than frazzledrip. Has Joe Biden and many in congress really been arrested? Plus…Brice Watson of Esoteric Atlanta with our continuing series on the banned books of the Bible. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. How do we know for sure Bush was executed?
    How do we know for sure there are tunnels under the White House?
    How do we know for sure the military is running the country?
    All of these accusations, but no proof. We need proof!

    • I have seen video of 5e buses in DC and the person behind the camera had no idea what was going on…yes there are body bags coming out of the WH. Yes there is confirmation by a retired Ranger that Clapper is at Gitmo!
      This video puts together the time lines as most of us receive in bits and pieces.

    • Seriously? Do you actually expect everything to be handed to you on a personalized silver platter, Robyn? Do yourself a favor and research these things for yourself. If myself & others found the answers to your questions, so can you. Don’t be so intellectually lazy, you sound like the typical modern liberal. Nobody owes you a thing…THINK…SEEK…FIND….KNOW….if you’re capable but depend on others to feed you, you’ll rightfully starve.

      • Amen! Gotta do your own research…I know right? I don’t even bother trying to tell these kinds of people either…probably ran and got the vaccine too, u know?

    • I saw declassified files from vault at fbiDOTgov and you can look at what the government has been hiding from the public for 75 years. It takes WORK to learn the truth.

  2. David Zublic,

    I have not listened to very much of your news reports, but what I have seen has been very good.

    Everything you have reported that I have seen has lined up with truth and other facts.

    Here is a news report for you.


    Thank you for all that you do for Americans who are starved for the truth.


    Rick Morrow
    Phoenix, AZ

  3. The horror is too much to know for this old girl. I’m understanding everything we thought we knew was\is a grand delusion ~ A lie perpetrated on humanity. Being aware is wonderful. Anymore is sickening ~ I do appreciate that David is helping to uncover & take this evil into the LIGHT ~ by bringing this abomination for all to know. Greatly appreciate our wonderful President Trump for identifying problems & allowing all to see.

  4. Halleuhau !! Save the children! The public at large will not be satisfied with a film of a HRC confession. I believe ths public will be so outraged, thry’ll be out for blood…

  5. I thought these children wwere rescued long ago starting in 2017? How could there still be children under the wh and why would “we” wait until after a stolen election to rescue them?

  6. that is, if you mean “in DC” you should not be saying “under the wh” just to dramatize. Do you mean to implicate PDT along with the others? What is going on with that timing issue?

    • It’s not drama it’s the truth!! That’s why they are going to destroy the whitehouse!!! Melania wouldn’t even go into the whitehouse until they did 2 exorcisms on it because there is so much evil there!!! Did you see the video of all the buses that was there at 3 am? These children have never seen the light of day, so they had to bring them out during the night!!! There is so much going on that time lines don’t mean anything anymore!!! Be patient and PRAY for all those bringing justice to the world!!!

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