Keep Buying Guns And Ammo, Wherever You Find Them

The US Congress and Vice-President Pence, on January 6, 2021, willfully, almost joyfully, permitted the theft of our country by socialists. The great majority of elected officials, the Main Street Media, the Judicial Branch, the President’s assistants and confidants – all caved without shame to the thieves.

US House Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats, having won the election by throwing decency to the wind, are proceeding to impeach President Trump a second time. Such a unifying act..right?

In other times, and countries, where the socialist revolution has occurred, we know their policies have caused massive and damaging changes to society. We know that counter-revolutionary struggles are inevitable and that nothing is ever the same again.

But the USA is not the same as other countries. Socialists may have political ownership of the country, but that ownership was achieved through theft. The Democrats turned our sense of fair play & morality into weakness and beat us into the ground with our own decency.

Our enemies do not understand that what they interpret as weaknesses are our strengths. Without a doubt, counter-revolution will be ours.

Our problem is that the violence necessary to salvage the Constitution will damage the Constitution. Our Constitution was never expected to withstand the amount of criminal violence brought against it and we cannot foresee or understand the inevitable changes.

Yet, our Constitution was written in the cause of Freedom, so very valuable that the very concept infuses our love for our Country and gifts us with the unity of purpose we require for a victory.

Our enemies, despite all their tendrils of power appearing to block our now feeble legal steps forward, do not understand that they are backing us into a corner where we would have no choice but to respond, and no other response than violence.

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