Can America Be Saved?

Has the United States seen its last days? Are we headed into the abyss? Franchot Pearson has some stunning revelations. Ginny Silcox goes off the grid with ideas for cheap survival with fire and water. Dr. James Fetzer concludes his deep dive into whether the Holocaust was a mass illusion. Dr. Kimberly McGeorge discusses clones, sims, reptilians and dracos. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  2. Can America be Saved?

    It is my opinion that there will always be an America, as America is a concept and mythology; while the United States as constituted under the 1871 United States Corporation is declining. It will remain to be seen if the “American Nation” holds firm and united after this fall.

    A post United Stated will be different. Will Americans seamlessly travel coat to coast and “see the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet” motoring with aplomb…and pride?

    Will the Michiganders of Michigan or the Wisconsinites of Wisconsin become more as nationalities replacing the previous American identity? It may be a tough break for the FIBS as they try to “zip-in-and-zip-out” on a tourist romp and pillage to the Badger State, when they are required to present their Illinois Nation Passport.

  3. America can be saved, if you follow my advice:
    make use of the Truth-Test TT,,
    which has been developed by your genial Prof. David Rykken, Prof. psychology in California, (language Netherlands, translation into English coming). Make use of the advices in these websites,
    attack the real enemy, the sick braincorner of the Huns, the criminal bankers, the criminal billionaires. Not the persons, but their disease, their weak side.

    Don´t ignore science, use science!
    Without science and smart technology their is no solution.
    Without use of science and smart technology by us the sick Huns will win.
    With use of science and smart technology we wineasily.
    The Huns don´t have means against TT.

    • The Sick Huns.

      Sorry the Germans and your Teutonic Bigotry is not the solution to anything. The Germans take a lot or pride in themselves and what they accomplish. The greatest achievements, and some of the greatest disasters are on their watch.

      The attack on the Germans seems to be a great scapegoat that has been used for centuries. The European foreign policy of the last two centuries has been to KEEP GERMANY WEAK AND DIVIDED. KEEP GERMANY WEAK AND DIVIDED. THEY ARE THE PROBLEM, the Jerries! If it is one thing that the French and the hapless (and I mean truly hapless British can agree upon its the policy of KEEPING GERMANY WEAK AND DIVIDED. Sorry, their time and their bigotry has ENDED. Sadly, Grunt the Scandinavian Empire, along with your bigotry has also come to ….an END. Nordic sell out to China has assured this. Sorry, the Scandinavian cleanness and all of its to be discovered Norwegian DUMBness will shed new light on the problem. The not so bright criminal President Lyndon Johnson uttered a statement of rare brilliance when he met the King of Norway in the 1960’s. To this he brilliantly said, “That has to be the dumbest King in the entire World.” Perhaps the phrase was loaded and he in his Texas charm was not aware. I guess we’ll have to ask Gene Decode about this.

      The German bigot Joseph Farrell, a cigarette chain smoker, Oxford graduate, and author of entertaining but sadly flawed “history” has utter this brilliant statement: “The Germans, interesting people, just don’t put a helmet on them”…HAAAAAA! What a total FOOL.
      He has centered his entire NAZIS theory around the Germans. In reality he loves the “Jerries”, loves and admires, especially how well dressed they are in their fabulous uniforms. He wishes he had a uniform
      made just for himself, I’m sure.

      He does not know that the ZIONISTS are the ZI in NAZI and are intimately connected with the British Empire. The thought may have crossed his pot smoker’s mind I am sure. He was trained and conditioned at Oxford, like fellow pot smoker Bill Clinton where they brainwash everyone and condition its graduates to conform to their way of thinking. In no way does Joseph Farrell think like an American, in my humble opinion.

      Communism will work, if only the right formula is found or the right scapegoat or the right culture or people to scapegoat or use is found, RIGHT? Grunt, ignorance and foolishness breeds quickly because its the easy way, the lazy way.

      I do like your sentiments about science, however, so let me enlighten you a little, please.

      TOPIC: Moon Landings-Fact or Fiction

      Let’s state some facts about the Moon landings. FACTS, remember, those things which have as reality actually occurred. So much fantasy surrounds the Moon landings these days. The greatest most exciting events of Mankind’s fifty years past is thought of by knit wits such as yourself as a HOAX.

      Today, however, we are supposed to be thrilled that Captain Kirk rode up in his Mystery Penis, as if that was the Greatest Event in World history!
      A brief 10 minute flight, the greatest accomplishment every achieved!
      Please, I remember a song lyric: “Ride Captain Ride..Upon Your Mystery Ship.”

      Why so much politics, and obfuscation regarding the REAL events, the Apollo Space program and it successful landings? Why? I am not completely sure about this. One thing I KNOW is, the Moon landings are the greatest scientific and technologic achievement witnessed by all in broad daylight.

      NOTWITHSTANDING the Myths:

      Let the mystery Haunebu (German) antigravitic saucer reveal itself-IF IT EXISTS. Let the fantasy Secret Space Program including the TR3-TELOS and its breath taking fleet of Star Wars ships reveal themselves-IT IT EXISTS. Lets finally hear about the secret base in the Jules Verne crater built in 1962 by the Russians, American, and the Aliens-IF IT EXISTS. Let us not forget about the Mars base which was built shortly later and detailed in the British propaganda pseudo-science television program and popular book of the same name: “Alternative 3”-IF IT EXISTS. All Bullshit. All Lies!

      Strangely, let us discredit the greatest American achievement as having NOT occurred, but let us use strange overly phallic rockets LESS technologically advanced, and certainly less powerful that the Saturn V rocket, right now in 2021. Why Shatner did not lift off in a saucer named: “Enterprise” is beyond me.

      The militant and almost religious belief in Moon Landing Hoax or Hoaxes is about organized international EVIL if you will, attempting to steal the joy and pride of Americans and their truly great American achievement. The greatest scientists, mathematicians, engineers, draftsmen, designers, artisans, cosmologists, mythologists, historians, astronomers, and the greatest labor force in the World (who built and tested the components) were all utilized to get to the Moon. Didn’t go? What a slap in the face to those who work for a living!

      OOOPS! The U.S. didn’t go. The United States went, and apparently saw what the Satanists were up to, and apparently still aspiring to achieve.

      When the first Moon Landing occurred, other nations were quick to be part of the success. Britain, of course took claim to their success and what “we have achieved.” Nations such as Russia should have disputed the claims of American success on the Moon, but DID NOT!
      THE PROOF:

      There were six (6) successful Moon landings. Boiling it down to the roux, we know that the Moon is hollow. It rings like a bell. How is this known? Crash experiments were performed with part of the LM-lander with it having been dropped from altitude down upon the lunar surface. BEHOLD. The readings were off the charts! Resonance, reverberations just like a bell!

      Ultra sensitive seismometers manufactured by the Bulova Company of New York correctly recorded in real time the shock waves as they occurred. So sensitive were they, so well made, that they detected the landing of following missions. To the best of my knowledge, slight but interpretable seismic readings were accurately in line correlated to EACH successive Moon landing.

      Coincidence? A HOAX by the Bulova Company? A Hoax by the Masons? Real data verifying the truth about the Moon landings? UBETCHA!! Americans, believe the truth. The United States is the greatest country, with the greatest achievements of all time.

      We should be ashamed, apparently, because the Dracos were there first along with the Germans with their superior craft. ALL LIES!

      Lastly, I was privileged to have available NASA Technology Briefs to peruse and read at the home of my older brother. In the early 1980’s an edition had articles about data analysis and signals detected from seismic activity on the Moon, including those suggestions of trace detections of LM and astronaut seismic activity.

      Truth in the end always, always defeats the lies!

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