If You Live In One Of These Cities, Evacuate Now!

Intel is coming in from various sources indicating a massive extinction event may be set to occur on September 24th, and one of those sources is listing several major cities across the United States in which citizens are urged to evacuate. Laura Worley will have the details. Monica B. has more revelations about her Satanically-controlled super soldier husband. Rachel Milligan continues her discussion on mind control. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Stories prey upon the truly weak minded and most importantly foment fear. But as stories and myths…they have a purpose and as it is said a “kernel of truth”. Always these stories are about so much distraction. WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!…then no wolf. WOLF! WOLF! WOLF!…then no wolf. WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! and then a wolf but no one listens or takes much notice.

    Germans tried in 1987 with their newly gained wealth post WWII to tank the American stock market..coupling with the crash of that year but were not successful. This fake news story is about fomenting fear. The more people believe, the self-fulling prophesy comes true. Are the Germans getting their stock market gun fully packed and ready to fire its wad against the United States? We will see.

    Every nation in the world has a multi-centuries plan involving their own interests. Great Britain has a multi-centuries plan to re-capture America. Rome has a multi-millennial plan to take over the world, and so on. Germany is probably blowing smoke hoping Americans in their newly found and self-created gullibility…show mental constipation and become as Wisconsin deer in nighttime headlights. Only singular American investors making a run could create a foul of things..even as things trend downward.

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