Trump’s Last Act Out The Door Is To Have Deep State Awareness Taught In Schools

President Trump’s 1776 Commission released a report on the state of American education Monday in what the White House described as a “rebuttal” to the New York Times “1619 Project” and other historical accounts that take a critical view of the country’s earliest days.

“The 1776 report,” released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, was developed in response to Trump’s call to promote “patriotic education” in schools. In the report, the commission argues that schools “should reject any curriculum that promotes one-sided partisan opinions, activist propaganda, or factional ideologies that demean America’s heritage, dishonor our heroes, or deny our principles.

“Neither America nor any other nation has perfectly lived up to the universal truths of equality, liberty, justice and government by consent,” the report says. “But no nation before America ever dared state those truths as the formal basis for its politics, and none has strived harder, or done more, to achieve them.”

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  1. The entire 1776 commision will never be completed or implemented in American public schools

    PResident Biden will make an exectuve order eliminating all of it

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