Trump Still Has The Nuclear Codes

A lieutenant general has confirmed that Donald Trump is the acting president according to the Pentagon, and that he still controls the nuclear launch power. In addition, sources are indicating that Biden has not been given access to the White House or any of its facilities. Biden has been making appearances from one of several Hollywood style sets in various locations. Late last week, several mainstream media reporters were confronted by a citizen journalist, asking why there has been no coverage of the darkened White House. The citizen journalist was assaulted. Video proof of the abandoned White House confirms the truth. And…Ronnie McMullen discusses cancel culture, chemtrails and COVID. And…Airman Jim talks UFOs, the paranormal and body doubles. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I joined Gitmo the evening you gave names at Gitmo and you said if I joined I would have an updated list available I have not been able to find ANY list for Giymo and I have wasted now two hours looking for it last night and today and I cannot find where they are hiding Please give me some clues where to look This is my second note

  2. One thing I have a problem accepting. If Biden has health problems caused by an operation years ago due to his attraction to children….How come the present so called President Biden is supposed to be a clone that no doubt never had an operation ?

  3. Dave, I’m sorry, didn’t you hear about the video of the century, by the guy who makes vaccines…. you are now surrounded by super spreaders.

  4. i am a fan, but that Hillary & bill headline say they were executed in 2018 but the word out is she was picked up last Tuesday in here chapeau mansion by navy seals. please clarify

  5. telepathy is childs play if you understand energy…i used it many times.. you become that little voice in people’s heads…..the cia uses a technology called the voice of god….he’s right about the of this….true communication is through the heart…but once you are connected to ( i will use biblical terms ) the Holy Trinity) which is just our connection to mother earth and the sun and the creator of this universe….once you reach that level you become truly free……i am one with internal source creation…..once you understand what i have just said—you have made it……we are all in different stages of awakening…Peace!

  6. These people are “freakin’ noutso!”

    Though – there are reams of proven, documented evidence of the Election Fraud – nothing is being done by anyone!

    None of our legal institutions (Congress, Courts, Military, and State Legislatures – all sworn to uphold the Constitution) are doing anything to restore it and the so-called “rule of law!”

    We are all “fu@*d!”

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