Trump Orders Military Tribunal For Brad Raffensperger

President Donald J. Trump on Saturday declared his intent to let a military tribunal decide the fate of “traitor” Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, according to a White House source speaking on deep background. Trump’s decision to indict and charge Raffensperger as an “enemy combatant” came minutes after the two—and an army of litigators—concluded a terse, hour-long telephone call, during which the president instructed Raffensperger to “find me 11,780 votes,” the precise number he’d need to overturn Biden’s Georgia victory.

The phone conversation, first obtained by the Washington Post, captured Trump encouraging Raffensperger to reconsider the election result. He insinuated that Raffensperger and his attorney, Ryan Germany, would be held to account unless they altered the outcome.

But Raffensperger wouldn’t yield, insisting Georgia’s election had been by the book. He refuted Trump’s assertion that Republican votes got shredded, that dead people had cast ballots for Biden, and that Dominion Voting Systems was removing machines from Fulton County to obfuscate ballot tallies.

The conversation ended with Trump saying, “this is going nowhere,” and disconnecting the call.

Shortly after, an enraged Trump summoned Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to the Oval Office. Understanding the threat of Republicans acting against the interest of their party, Trump asked Rosen whether presidential privilege allowed him to arrest Raffensperger for “refusing to correct election fraud the likes of which no one has ever seen.”

“I got rid of Barr because he is a traitor, and weak,” Trump purportedly said to Rosen. “I brought you in. They say you’re a good man, a great man, a man who will tell me what I need to know. Something’s gotta be done about that guy [Raffensperger], can I do what I need to do?”

“You’re the president. You can do whatever you want,” Rosen said without missing a beat.

“Good answer. That’s what I need to hear,” Trump allegedly replied. “You’re much better than that Barr character.”

Trump then ordered Rosen to draft a formal accusation charging Raffensperger with several high crimes and misdemeanors, including seditious behavior, treason, fraud, and malingering in times of national peril. Trump said he was reluctant to indict fellow Republicans, but he had no choice because subversive Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) had infiltrated the party’s core. Trump sees himself as the savior of the Republican party, our source said.

“From what I’ve heard, Trump will act on the indictment only if the certification process favors Biden, which he’ll take as meaning nearly everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike, are complicit. If that’s the case, I don’t expect it’ll stop at Raffensperger. A lot of names might be dropping, and a lot of people might be going down between now and January 19,” our source said.

Charged officials, he added, will be tried as enemy combatants, which means the rights and provisions of the Geneva Convention do not apply to them, nor does the Constitution of the United States. They will not be prosecuted in open court; rather, they will be detained at GITMO to await a military tribunal.



  2. It’s time to arrest ALL OF THEM. No more playing around, they have revealed their true colors as traitors now it is time to pay the piper. McConnell, Pelosi, Abrams, all of them.

    • Arrest Raffensperger, kemp The Whole lot of swamp characters n send them the Gitmo to b tried for treason. The american people will never accept this stolen elections n the biggest fraud in our nations history. I call on the military to do their damn job n arrest these traitors. We all know who they are.The American people will help the military with the arrests. Not matter how much the swamp propaganda media tries to sell this shit sandwich that Biden won the more the American people will fight back. I’m appalled at what took place. It as absolutely the biggest vote fraud heist n coup d’etat in our nations history!

  3. Gov Brian Kemp is the head traitor here in Georgia.last Jan 5 run off election, they did the same in Fulton County what they did in the presidential election. So it now time for this actor to be judge..

  4. My faith is in GOD and I’m totally at peace knowing it’s all under control! TRUMP IS STILL OUR PRESIDENT AND ITS ALL GOING TO COME OUT, EVERY LAST BIT OF SLIME IN THE SWAMP IS GOING DOWN TO LIVE IN HELL!
    It’s coming any day any minute!

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