Trump Orders Firing Squad For Biden And Harris

President Trump has amended federal execution rules to allow death by firing squad, and has ordered that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris receive this ultimate penalty once the election is overturned in his favor following the Supreme Court’s decision on the massive voter fraud that overwhelming evidence proves has taken place, and contingent upon a military tribunal in which Biden and Harris will be tried for treason. This has sparked rumors regarding Kamala Harris’ mysterious disappearance subsequent to election day.

Harris’ disappearance is noteworthy – with her being the former top prosecutor in California, she knows America’s federal laws about fraudulent elections and treason, and also knows the grave significance of Attorney Sidney Powell having just revealed her evidence proving 10-million votes were stolen for Biden.

The claim that President Trump is going after traitors were also confirmed this week by retired US Army Major Jeffrey Prather, founder of the Warriorschool, that since 1995, has trained the US Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard special forces, as well as most US federal law enforcement agencies such the FBI, DHS, US Marshals and Border Patrol.

In an interview with Natural News, Prather laid out how President Trump, the Department of Defense and acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller were going to defeat Deep State traitors and save America from the attempted coup.

Partial summary as follows:

Confirms that multiple raids on the servers of vote rigging systems were conducted, in three countries…Confirms that the NSA has hard evidence on treasonous actors, and that this evidence is likely being leveraged by Trump’s people…Confirms that Trump can use the NDAA, combined with the Sep. 12, 2018 Executive Order, to declare domestic treasonous actors as “enemy combatants”…Says that the DoD and patriots inside the DIA have everything they need to defeat the deep state…Says Trump will be President on January 21st…Warns that the transition from information warfare to conventional (kinetic) warfare may happen very soon…Warns that the left-wing backlash against Trump’s victory will result in bloodshed that cannot be avoided”.

This is a developing story…


    • Too much over the top. The give away was 209,000 indictments. No way that many can be processed. Fail. Dis info.

    • Um…wake up please. It’s absolute truth. Are you now aware at all what has been happening with Trump and his military team since he took office and especially since February of this year up until now? Underground child sex trafficking ring globe-wide? Biden selling us out to China for a Commie takeover in the U.S.? HELLO? ANYONE HOME? WOW. JUST WOW. I hope after Trump is inaugurated in 2021 that he puts in an executive order in that states all citizens must be tested and PASS before being allowed to vote. NO MORE ZOMBIES VOTING!

      • I totally agree with you!! These Libtard snowflakes don’t have a clue!! Just wait till it all hits them in the side of the head!!

  1. in every ‘battle’ the pinko commi pedo trust fund babies will lie in a fetal position and cry.

  2. Well… here we go. It’s about time that the Presi… I wonder if he’ll allow me to pull the trigger.

  3. I heard that all the traitors were already executed and what we see today are either clones or look alikes

  4. Too much over the top. The give away was 209,000 indictments. No way that many can be processed. Fail. Dis info.

  5. EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE. EVERY legal, civilized action has been taken. If Treason is not dealt with, America will die. Lucifer does not ever play fair.

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