Trump Activates The United States Military To Take Back The United States

He’s done it, folks. President Trump has activated the military to fight the Deep State takeover of our blessed nation.

Is Martial Law coming?


  1. Go President Trump!! Take down the Socialistic Demoncrats! This is a necessary action to fight evil! It’s no longer Republicans vs Democrats… it’s about good vs evil! God is on our side!

  2. I hope something gives, because if its left up to our judicial system or elected leaders our country and the people are doomed. God Bless Our Military

  3. We shall see, how strong God is.
    A lot of people say, that he is sleeping.
    Other people say, that there are 2 Gods, a good and a bad one = the devil, always fighting with each other.
    Other people teach, that the principle plus + minus = 0 is working in our reality. The last has a high probability.

    That´s philosophy.
    Now politics:
    I hope that Trump wins the fight, and that not too many people will die.
    We ourselves hae a task too: choose the best strategy to defeat deep state. Science has discovered a hidden weak side of the deepstate-nuts: Their sick side, their lustmurderer-side

  4. Finally! More confirmation of what we heard elsewhere. Yay for Michigan! These treasonous governors have to be arrested!

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