Trafficked Children Rescued From Evergreen

Over a thousand trafficked children and dead bodies have been rescued out of shipping containers in the Suez Canal by US Navy Seals. Sources say that children were still being rescued and bodies discovered in Evergreen’s 18,000+ containers. Plus…John Carman discusses the 40th anniversary of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan and the death of G. Gordon Liddy. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. We have been lied to for years by our own gov. Hunter Biden is supposed to be in prison. He lies with every breath. We have no justice in the country any more. The courts, Supreme Court, police officers, the military. When is the madness going to stop? When Jesus comes back. Hopefully, soon.

    • there will be agents among us but they wont keep there form for long the veil will be lifted on all evil and corruption mother earth has had enough of these evil psychopaths we as hu man beings need to keep our vibrations high stay positive and stay connected

      • ive known alex jones is a fraud for over 10 years. I pointed it out to an AJ fan and he wasn’t happy about it. too bad. Jones is a scum bag. Ask him where the interview with Dr. Duke went and why he buried it.

  2. I love the work that you are doing to inform our populations on what is going on with sex trafficking’s!

  3. I heard this before I heard you. Alice down the rabbit hole had this news also a young girl who was one of the children being trafficked. Go see for yourself ALICE DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE❗🙀

  4. That confirms it. Indeed there were kids on that ship. Why would the captain not cooperate if he doesn’t have anything to hide?? MSM, get off your asses and report this!

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