Supreme Court In Violent Argument Over Texas Lawsuit

Thank you from one of my Extremely reliable and honest truth and facts sources Gary A. Flynn

Loud Arguments in US Supreme Court Chambers over Texas Lawsuit – COURT INTIMIDATED

THIS ARTICLE WAS PREVIOUSLY LOCKED AND FOR SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. IT HAS BEEN UNLOCKED AT THE PERSONAL REQUEST OF STEVE QUAYLE — From a source deep inside the US Supreme Court as they discussed the pending Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania et. al. . . .

‘Hal, as you know I am a clerk for one of the Justices on SCOTUS. Today was like nothing we have ever seen. The justices are arguing loudly behind closed doors.

The Justices met in a closed and sealed room, as is standard.

Usually it is very calm, however today we could hear screaming all the way down the hall.

They met in person, because they didn’t trust telephonic meeting as secure.

Chief Justice Roberts was screaming….’ "Are you going to be responsible for the rioting if we hear this case?"

“Don’t tell me about Bush v. Gore, we weren’t dealing with riots then”

“You are forgetting what your role here is Neil, and I don’t want to hear from the two junior justices anymore. I will tell you how you will vote.”

From a friend: Curtis.
My response: When A Chief Justice caves to the mafia protection racket tactics of communist our constitutional freedom is gone ,we need to let them know that they haven’t seen patriots fighting for their children’s freedom yet.

Roberts is compromised, and weak. Our foundation fathers risked being disemboweled, and drawn, and quartered wile alive to bring us freedom. This man is not fit to serve ! That is A cowards response. He is unfit for office.

This will require military tribunals. Our courts have become dysfunctional !


      • I dont think so. All of President Trump’s supporters have jobs and make the economy run. If President Trump wins, then the riots will happen. Biden supporters have no useful skill, except rioting or rotting in their grave.

    • You are right on the money!!!! Time to let him know we are quite aware of his many , many trips to Paradise Island!!!!!

    • He needs to step down he is a child molester and was on Epstein’s plane. No one in America is behind this man

    • Sydney Powell suggested that he ought to be impeached. I strongly agree with the notion. Any suggestions???

    • Robert’s appointed by Bush, compromised when he was the deciding vote on Obamacare, and LGBTQ, against the majority of American citizens. This man has been corrupt since day one, and you can blame Bush, who is in the swamp with Clinton’s, Obama, too many to name here. This must STOP!

    • Robert’s needs to have someone remind him of what persecution the signers of our Constitution endured. This is not the time to coward but stand firm.

    • Roberts is a coward. And if what We just read is true he must be removed for not doing his Constitutional duty. Blood will spill now for doing the right thing. But if the right thing is not done now it’ll be a blood bath for our Grandchildren the likes of which US soil has never seen. Roberts is ignorant and cowardly. Thomas Jefferson said “An ignorant Nation will never be a free Nation “

    • The judge asked who is going to be responsible for the rioting? Seriously? Where is his integrity. He’s going to become one of the hoodlums, because he’s afraid of the hoodlums?! Get him out of office. He’s weak. Our Government should be standing up for honor and justice, not allowing tyranny on our streets!!!

    • If Trump is confirmed to be the winner, the riots that John Roberts is concerned about will be short lived, Trump has the balls to step in and stop them, I have no doubt that he would mobilize the military to shut it down in a hurry.

      • If Trump involks the insurrection act Chief justice Roberts can be detained for as long as nessesary to secure the testimony they seek . So if Roberts feels threatened now he should be absalutely panicing by the time he arrives at guantonamo . In either senario hes going down ! Only difference is if he capitulates now he could be somewhat of a hero !

  1. Robert’s need to retire due to his seizures and the CIA may have MKULTRA him. He’s too compromised and not in it for the people of US. Not fit to stand for the Constitution.

    • He thinks like the left. Not legally. Emotionally. Is he having trouble persuading the brains in the room? Sounds like a lot of pressure on him.

    • not a good time to resign or get kick off the SCOTUS..
      a replacement will 10 fold as bad, if Biden gets to pick the next one.. picture Obama or Hillary..

  2. When I first heard the Texas Suit was going to the Supreme Court, I knew then that they wouldn’t look at it from “the Letter of the Law”, they would consider what the “result” of their decision would mean as far as how it would be accepted. They knew there would be rioting in the Streets and the Democrats have set the “stage” for us to expect to have a riot from them if any Trump supporter doesn’t comply with whatever they want. The Supreme Court DID NOT DO IT JOB!!! They refused to look at it from the “letter of the Law” and instead viewed it from the side of the Democrats and how they would react to their decision! Therefore they ruled against the more “sane” and “controlled” group and denied them the decision that would have been by the “letter of the Law”!!

  3. Let there be riots. The LAW is the LAW and he Constitution should not be Compromised. Neither should our Justices. Chief Roberts should step down if he is caving to speculated lawless rioting while shredding America and the Constitution while doing so.

    • Yes he needs to be impeached immediately and then we need to find out how and why he’s compromised it’s quite apparent that he is in the other justices need to stay strong for America we need you need you

      • That’s been my thought as well. There is enough proof of what has been taken place for many years with our elections. Biden said it himself about his Voter Fraud Organization that was put in place during the Obama Administration. While many will say, it was a gaff. I say, he got that information from somewhere. Why do you think he won from the basement?

  4. If America is no longer a constitutional republic under the rule of law then the law of the jungle will prevail.

  5. There should never be a Supreme Court Justice that does not hold every decision to the letter of the law ! Bowing to heathens will only call for more decisions that will need to be held to the same letter ! Will they be able to do it in later situations ? This bow down reeks of cowardes !

  6. So, evilness will be allowed to conquer good, because those empowered, and whom swore an oath to uphold justice, do not have the moral courage to take responsibilityctoon to enforce the law, fearing public response and possible riots,
    when their only job is to enforce the law in which our country depends upon and is our fulcrum for Democracy. So, because of their cowardice, and dereliction of sworn duty to uphold, and defend the constitution of the United States, they expect we the people not to riot because of their cowardice apathy? I believe they leave us no choice but to show them hoe violent civil war or a revolution can get. They won’t even listen to considerationthe arguments in court, and allow the case to be heard, and present the evidence. Unsatisfactory ruling ce. and unjustified stance, basing it upon not standing in court. The ramifications of their non actions is going to have severe consequences. They think their apathy and non action to perform their assigned duties will avoid riots or conflicts. Chief Justice Roberts, you’re going to be fired by the people who will revolt as a result of you cowardice. I hope you realize you will be held accountable.
    Mr President, it is time to declare s National Emergency calling on the reserves and National Guard, along with the military. Declare Martial law, Round up suspects and evidence and military tribunals, to include those in the supreme court

    • So, they were worried about libs rioting. But, did they take into account that the silent majority is done. We’ve had it with the corruption and the fraud. So, instead of riots, they may be setting another civil war into motion.

    • Now is the time for we the people to take back our country by what ever means necessary and bring our faith in GOD and freedoms to the people

  7. Letter of the law is what our constitution stands for. The riots will be dealt with again by the letter of the law. We should not cower from threats from the left,this is our children’s future in our hands now.

  8. I believe he is not fit to decide matters for our country. This is an Election that could be a matter of weather we stay a republic or something else we don’t want.

  9. Does Roberts not understand if the peoples vote is corrupted, then we have no voice. All future elections will be predetermined. No voice equals no “We The People” then we have no more Republic, no Constitution, no Freedom. Hell, there will be a war if this election is stolen. Most likely we will have violence no matter what, but do we still have an honest vote? Do we still have a Republic? It’s worth fighting for!

  10. Does Roberts not understand if the peoples vote is corrupted, then we have no voice. All future elections will be predetermined. No voice equals no “We The People” then we have no more Republic, no Constitution, no Freedom. Hell, there will be a war if this election is stolen. Most likely we will have violence no matter what, but do we still have an honest vote? Do we still have a Republic? It’s worth fighting for! Congress is broke, our Justice system is broke, it’s time for martial law. We will bypass SCOTUS and use military tribunals.



  11. It is essential that God take this man out of the way so JUSTICE can be served. John Roberts is a pervert who thinks being exposed is the chiefest of his worries. Standing in Gods way is the chiefest of his worries and he had better be trembling. God CAN take him out at any moment. That is exactly my prayer: Lord, TAKE HIM OUT!

  12. It’s sad to know that their actions are possibly going to turn honest god fearing Americans (in some cases) into criminals in the eyes of the corrupt government we’ve been voting into office for years. This government asked for this. They left us no choice. We must fight tyrants. A war is here. We must fight it and win it for our future generations. Prepare yourselves.

  13. The left has their own law and we need to deal with them the way the law says we treat traitors.

  14. There’s already been riots on the streets. And what’s he talking about, he doesn’t know how things will turn out. It’s not a valid reason to refuse to uphold the Constitution. Ever!

  15. I would rather see riots with the Patriots in control than riots with the patriots being accused and locked up as white supremacists. Remember these communist tell us that radical Antifa doesn’t exist there’s only Patriots that are white supremacists.

  16. Patriots, I called to you months ago to be seen, scary and heard. You wanted to play fair and nice like a bunch of assholes. SCOTUS is more scared of DEM teenagers with bricks than they are #Patriots with BIG ASS GUNS. Asshole Patriots you must take your guns into the streets. Drop your flag hold a gun. It will work.

  17. Patriots need to retake BLM in front of the white house. We need a base in D.C we need to be seen every single day. We need to wipe out tefa. They need to be afraid of US.

  18. I think all patriots and Trump supporters should sign a petition to release Roberts from his duties. He has been compromised by either China or someone in the Democratic Party has records and/ or pics of him on Epstein’s island. He is no longer able to do his job and follow the constitution! I will sign first if you want

    • GREAT idea!!! I knew that is why they didn’t want to get involved, because of the threats of violence! That sends the worst message of all to these young punks. If we accept that behavior now, then it will always be that way during each and every election and MORE!! I refuse to accept Biden being President!! They cheated, everyone saw it, knew it and they expect for we, the conservatives to sit back and allow our bank acts to shrivel up and all freedoms to be taken away… I say “NO”! What do you say?

  19. Because we don’t show our ass like the left by rioting and burning cities down they are more afraid of the sou boys! Unfortunately for all of us because of their idiocy and cowardice they are getting ready to see way more than riots! They are getting ready to see what it looks like when at least 17 states get pished to our limit and go to war with every state that wants to cater to the CCP and/or the socialist left! If they are afraid of a few thousand soy boys with dumpster fires and Molotov cocktails when they see the militias coming for them they are gonna wish they had made the right decision!!! #swingstatehustle 1776 will commence again!!

  20. The SCOTUS has set a standard of dereliction that our children will be victimized by the same cartels of violence and we will be the victims because you were afraid to do the one thing, follow the Constitution of the United States of America. I have family members that gave their lives to preserve our freedoms that made this country great. I hope you will be able to face your children.
    What you have accomplished is to teach that truth is only a word to be interpreted as we wish.
    God Help Us All and Bless President Trump and Family. First President of the People, for the People.?

  21. All who say Roberts is compro.ised is correct. He has been since the beginning. His job is NOT to call balls and strikes. Our constitutional Republic is not a game and should not be thought of as such. All patriot justices should go public to expose the timidity and dereliction.

  22. Mr President,”We The People” Are ready to back you when you pull the trigger and declair this election null and void and declair Martial Law enabling us to regain our republic from these socialist/ communist leftist. Do not worry about riots when you pull this trigger,there are millions of us that will stop the riots with what ever means are necessay. DO NOT GIVE OUR COUNTRY TO THESE TRAITORS. WE ARE REDY AND ABLE TO FIGHT FOR THIS REPUBLIC BY PHYSICAL MEANS IF NECESSARY. ANTIFA AND BLM WILL BE WIPED OUT ENTIRELY.

    • Thank you Mr. Ric Seelbinder! They do not know what is actually coming…Roberts is a dirtbag! ROBERTS NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED! IMMEDIATELY! WE THE PEOPLE WILL UNITE AND TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK! SCOTUS better take appropriate action. Period!
      The ‘paid’ people of BLM and Antifa will cower when the Patriots take action!

  23. Here is the reason for the court ruling which is constitutional. TX’s elections were not affected by the actions of the states in contest. They were not the grieved plantif per se. The GOP and the citizens whose results in their states/counties were effected by a rogue governor/Secretary of state/courts who at the last minute changed that state’s (and the US Constitution) as well as potus were impacted by those illegal actions directly and do have standing. Think of it this way. I am over 30. Let’s say I was raped and my mother files a civil lawsuit. She does not live with me. Her life is not directly impacted. Thus she does not have the standing to sue on my behalf. I am the victim so I am the one that has to bring the lawsuit for it to have standing. Or, if I was inoperable as a result of the rape and my husband has power of attorney, he would have standing to file a lawsuit because our family unit (emotionally, financially, etc) would be directly impacted as a result of the defendant’s actions. My mom could piggy back on the lawsuit; but she could not start it for the reasons stated above. The court did not throw it out based on the merits of the case’s merits, evidence, etc; they threw it out based on the aforementioned reasons. Those directly impacted (see above) have to initiate the suit. The others can piggy back on it; but they (according to the constitution) cannot start the suit on the affected parties’ behalf.

    • The president had joined the action
      So he did have standing as he was the one that was robbed of a fair election thru the actions of the states named as defendants.
      He had joined the action to have standing in the action
      The court did the wrong thing

  24. We need to gather and take the left down in our kids sake please help the United States of America God bless

  25. Roberts (like most of our “government”) appears to be compromised, corrupted, conscripted and complicit.
    Time to end this.

  26. Well, Roberts! we are ready for any riots , armed and waiting for the word. The 2nd amendment was put in their for this exact reason, Not to hunt for food, not to target shot clay pigions. it was for Americans to stand up and protect our freedoms and constitution from a government that no longer works for the people, and enslave them to the highest bidder. We are beyond that point today. Why no one has had the Balls to form a militia yet is beyond me. We need to have plan before they enact marshall law and pick us off one by one. When my own senator is telling people to take names of trump supporters and telling a communist group antifia to attack citizens . makeing the police stand aside, .WE need to find a place and set a date for all of us to go and meet up. a open carry state thatn will not support this pandemic lock down . A place that can hold over a million armed citizens . We can bring our campers and tents. WE will only fly the american flag. and uphold the constitution . this is not a act of war against the United States of American. this an act to rid the corrupt politicians that took over our government and return the power to the people . IF they want to re-write the constitution, then no one will be obligated the current laws of this great country. And yes, I want my voice in it.

    • I live in the hills in Missouri and we could gather a very large group of people all over this state, not to mention, we are an open carry state! I agree with you, we need a leader that won’t back down and a real plan to do as our constitution obliges us to do! Our government has become tyrannical and it is time we remove those who mean. To do us harm, and I truly believe that is their intent! If they somehow manage to get Biden into the White House, John Kerry, one of his cabinet picks, has stated that populism is becoming a problem in the U.S. and Trump supporters need to be re educated! Meaning, the people are aware of what the government should be doing and hasn’t been for years, because Trump exposed their dereliction of duty and now we expect them to do their jobs right!! Sounds to me like they are gonna round us all up and put us in a camp somewhere so we don’t cause trouble until we come around to their way of thinking! I can’t believe the SCOTUS has caved to this bull!!

  27. Please pass it on that marching/gathering in Washington in support of President Trump is NOT GETTING IT DONE. You have to march on the Supreme Court and camp on their steps. It is obvious that this scares the shit out of Roberts and is the only way to facilitate change.

  28. Well it would seem once again the left scared a justice thats supposed to be beyond that. Justice Robert’s is no longer fit for the Supreme Court. He based his cowardly decision on fear of what the left would do. Its time the right starts showing what we’re capable of. All we ever asked for was a fair election and basically were told to shut up and except it. Think its time we American Patriots start showing people like Justice Robert’s we’re also a group to be reckoned with

  29. Well I find absolutely ridiculous is you don’t cave because there’s riots. Because what they fail to understand is that there are more patriots in this country than whiny liberals and Antifa and BLM. If they want an uprising they’re going to get one They think conservatives are going to continue and sit back and not do a thing and that’s just not the case. I don’t think Roberts is worried about riots I think he’s worried about his life and knows that he is compromised. But if this article is true then the three justices that should have voted along with Alito and Thomas should be ashamed of themselves. You don’t make decisions on fear they were put in that position to make decisions based on the Constitution. Now if there are arguments that are accurate about the wording not being right with the Texas lawsuit then I’ll give them that and if Texas refiles which I know there’s talk of it already with the attorney general in Texas then they better decide appropriately and per the Constitution. No conservatives will not riot burn down buildings or hurt innocent people but there will be an uprising from the Patriots and it will be way bigger than any whiny liberal riot they’ve ever seen

  30. Its unbelievable that SCOTUS is shooting itself in the foot. Without trusted elections, their is no democracy and the constitution is shredded. Eventually SCOTUS will be on the trash heap of a socialist communist govt , once know as the United States of America

  31. If there are riots, so be it. Just need to take a few of them out and the cowards will back down. I say better that they back down then us! Long Live the Constitution!

  32. SCOTUS step up and do your fock’n job! Americans are sick of getting lied to and told to stfu! By doing nothing your kicking the can down the road and it’s going to build into not just a riot but destruction of this country. Don’t push the American people, remember how this country started? There is no place to go so the only option is to fight for our country we love.

  33. Worrying if a riot might occur resulting from their judgement is no reason to decide if they should or shouldn’t hear the case.
    Unless of course Robert’s & others are compromised.

  34. I said years ago Roberts was dirty when HE changed the wording on the Obama care act. He should have sent it back to the house & they change the wording. The house would have not changed the wording & Roberts knew it. The house was then controlled by the GOP. We are a nation of “LAW & ORDER” & if the chief justice of the SCOTUS will not stand for the rule of law he needs to be impeached. Roberts also showed his true colors during impeachment hearing. This man is a coward! I pray the other justices come forward & speak up if this did happen!

  35. The rioting is the least of his concerns. He’s being blackmailed and controlled by the left, probably because of his behavior on Epstein’s island. He needs to be investigated, outed for his behavior, and then impeached.

  36. It is hard to imagine that SCOTUS is basically giving the green light to these little terrorist thugs to riot everytime they don’t get their way! We have just become a country overtaken by a group of facist teenagers! Do they expect us to just roll over and accept whatever the left does because we are afraid of BLM and Antifa?? Never gonna happen, we aren’t! And this is the very thing SCOTUS justices are supposed to fight against, not cower to!! Though ours would be quite different and more effective, we can riot too, not destructively on innocent people, but on the officials who are attempting this coup! There are way more of us and we are on the right side of things! I’m not advocating violence, but we have to do something now or it is over! The Democrat party has become an enemy to this country and its citizens! Plain and simple!! Our constitution remedies this for us, we just have to follow what it says, it is our duty as American citizens who live in a free and just society if we want to keep it that way!!

  37. Pathetic. Hang him… not because he refuses to defend Trump, but because he refuses to defend and has made a mockery of the Constitution… again. You think the antifa and blm bedwetters are something to behold? Stay tuned.

  38. If everyone remembers it came out he illegally adopted his children, right before he switched his vote on Obama care. I also think eipstein as well. He is completely compromised!


  40. We have riots either way. The left has their trouble makers and as shown of late , they would riot just because. That is why we have LEO’s and Gaurd, if needed, full military. That way of thinking is caving to the derelicts desire to sow fear into the people. Screw them… hard.

    • By the way, if Roberts truly visited Fantasy Epstein island, he is all to familiar with what happens to someone who may relay dark secrets against this powerful scourge.

  41. They should be more worried about the 74+M that voted for Trump. We are armed, with plenty of ammo, and we. are. pissed.

  42. You can tell this story is fake. “I will tell you how you will vote.” Robert’s can’t tell any other justice how to vote. He isn’t their boss. He can’t hire or fire other justices. These are lifetime appointments.

    “From a source deep inside the US Supreme Court as they discussed the pending Texas lawsuit against Pennsylvania.”
    Lol yeah sure it is.

  43. You want to see RIOTS, John “Lolita Express” Roberts?

    Wait ’til the majority that FAVORS the Self-Defense Amendment sees you trying to install Sleepy Joe as our illegitimate “President”.

    Then, you’ll see RIOTS.

  44. This site, and especially the comments, is frightening. This story is, of course, complete bullshit. The justices have not met in person in months because of corona. This supposed meeting could not, and did not, happen. But it feeds into the delusional right-wing narrative and supports that alternate reality. I know by posting this here, I’m going to get attacked, but that’s what happens when you bring facts and the truth to sites like this.

    • Hey Rick your the moron that your mother has been warning you about . Take another look at weather that meeting has happened or not . Its a simple search . Then when you read about how the event unfolded your welcome to cowar down in the fetal position like the the moron you presenting yourself as here !

  45. The only possible response is for our great President Trump to invoke a limited Martial Law throughout the USA and do an absolute CLEAN SWEEP once and for all of the “deep state swamp dwellers” who have been operating with complete impunity for far too many years & have to be completely eradicated from the Earth by arresting, trying them all by military tribunals and the executing the ones convicted of the most serious offenses of CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT TREASON & TREASON itself and have all the others committed to the SuperMax prison in Florence, CO for life, and lesser, sentences depending on their crimes against the People of the USA and these people, to name a few, would be Obama, the Bidens (father & sons), both Clinton’s, Comey, Strozk, McCabe, the Orrs, Clapper, Brennan and all of the other FBI, CIA, DOJ, State Department people who failed the People & their country and who should be punished to the fullest extent of the American law?

  46. No, he’s afraid of the dirt that will be revealed about him if he doesn’t do what he’s told. Roberts is compromised, and has to be removed from the court.

  47. There was probably voter fraud . Why I don’t know !
    People who voted for JB don’t have an agenda ?
    They have been brain washed to hate . Why ?

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