Secret Service Investigating Lin Wood For Death Threats Against Mike Pence

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The U.S. Secret Service is investigating death threats against Vice President Mike Pence made by  lawyer Lin Wood, Fox News has learned. Wood, who was banned from Twitter last week, is published a now-deleted post on Parler: “Get the firing squads ready. Pence goes FIRST.” 

“We are aware of the comments and take all threats against our protectees seriously,” a Secret Service spokesman told Fox News on Saturday. The Secret Service and other federal agencies also are investigating others seen on a video inside the U.S. Capitol yelling “Hang Pence.”

A source close to Pence told Fox News on Wednesday that while Pence was sheltering in “hardened rooms” in the Capitol, President Trump did not reach out to him to check on his status or condemn those who said the vice president “should be executed.”

Later in the week the hashtag “Hang Mike Pence” was trending on Twitter. A Twitter spokesperson told Fox News on Saturday that the company had “blocked the phrase and other variations of it from trending.”

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