Mass Executions At Gitmo Since January 6th

Since January 6th, there have been multiple executions of high level VIP prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. All famous people arrested were either treasonous or involved in satanic worship rituals. These rituals involved torturing children then murdering them as a sacrifice. Drinking the blood of children that contains adrenochrome is the drug these Satanic famous people and politicians have been involved with for decades. Tonight, we name names. We give a complete update on who has been arrested, detained, tried, convicted and sentenced to death. Plus…Dr. James Fetzer breaks down the truth about the Capitol riots, the impeachment of Donald Trump and false flags. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. the reason some people got deals for life, was because some of them were small children (like miley, brittany, selena and more) when Disney screwed them up literally and figuratively — Disney management, and employees have been arrested. others got life in trade for major information like locations of tunnels all over the country and world. THANK GOD and President that they rescued the children!!!!!!

    • Are are adults and know the difference between right and wrong!
      Also, they are are an accountable age that if they were in front of God as he reads their sins out , God could not let them go into Heaven! You must confess your sins ask for forgiveness to be saved before you can enter Heaven ?? They will not have a 2nd chance if they are standing in front of God❤️

      • According to the laws of The Creation, regardless of age, if they touch a Child, they are to be sterilized. Any person arrest for this is to sterilized before release. PERIOD

        • Brittany & Miley got life.
          So did Oprah and Ellen.
          No patrol for them, they die at Gitmo

    • I was surprised to see Selena Gomez on he list.
      But she worked for Disney and the TV show “Wizards of Waverly Place” was all about whichcraft.
      I am sorry for all the people who were suckered into Satanic Pedophilia via Satanic Ritual abuse.
      Selena did a video where she talked about wanting to do something about Human Trafficking.
      I wonder if she has more than one personality or Demon so she doesn’t know what the other person/demon had done.

      In 2015, someone put a curse on me.
      I ended up in jail for things I DON’T REMEMBER DOING.

      • None of them are really innocent. In the music industry they sign a contract with Satan for success. Kanye West actually showed his contract ashe has now found God. Miley Selena justin Beiber all signed up as adults and they put black majic on their music to assure world success.


  2. Your news is old news! You are just using other people’s reports AND you want to charge for it? Fuck off Lame brain!

    • None of this shit has happened. You’re watching the National Inquirer of the internet. I wish I were wrong but I’m not. (Yes I believe there is the horrific problem of child trafficking. I just don’t believe there are body double running around giving interviews. Give me a break!)

        • EMILY I hope you are right I am very confused of sending 10 hrs plus reseach , The arrest how could there be so many doubles and the border .Why are the MILITARY letting THE ILLEGAL immagrants flood the boarder? At the same time I have SEEN FAKE OVAL OFFICE at castle ROCKfake AIRFORCE ONE. HOW COULD THERE BE SO MANY DOUBLES? WHY IS MILITARY AND TRUMP WAITNG SO LONG THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS ARE DESTROYNG AMERICA AND SO IS SATAN WORSHIPING CONGRESS

          • Dwayne, this is being allowed to play out so that America and the world will see the depths of the evil we’re dealing with. The plan is going along according to its own timeline, and now ours.

            It’s hard to be patient, but we must; this evil took a long time to build up and will take some time to tear down.


      • You need to do your research, because it’s very true. And there will be many more to come, there evil and have been killing children for over thirty years. You can thank fake news for the lies and covering for such detestable demons.

      • You’re about to get a hard life lesson!!! You must have voted for Biden and sold out your country

  3. What a bloody salesman! You sound ike you’re selling some hair care product – “but wait, don’t send your money just yet, we have more to offer!!”.
    You could have said all this in a quarter of the time you took by repeating yourself over and over and over and over… I turned it off.

    • there has bee major arrest and executed research the list from gitmo. more going on yes there are clones and body doubles real joe biden was executed treason his clone was arrested this is actor wearing a skinmask. he will be going to jail real harris is in prison.stop watching fake media media can not go to the military tribunel.

      • Use some logical thinking here. A list like that would be classified information of military intelligence and military operations. Do you or anyone else really think that this information would be out on the Internet? If classified info such as this were leaked, the sites and leaked info would be scrubbed in a heartbeat.

    • A TV anchor started his broadcast Sunday with a startling statement.

      “Good evening,” said WABC weekend anchor Joe Torres. “We begin with Hillary Clinton’s death.”

      Torres didn’t correct himself, but the broadcast continued on to report Clinton’s health troubles at Sunday’s 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York. I believe this is the day she was arrested which is why she fainted as they got her in the van.

    • Body double at the Bush Funeral. You can see it if you look closely. Hillary I believe has been dead for a while b/c of Karu disease. She died while in White hat custody. Geo.Soros I believe is dead as well.

    • If you look at her face when she did read the note her face doesn’t change like Jen Bush’s face. Therfore I think she was a plasticized dummy there at the funeral.

  4. Your talking about hallow grams, but on your show is showing at least the background as a hallow gram. I’m seeing your chair and parts in background disappear. Which, I’m aware of this type of software and green screens as I do photo booths with green screens and does the that, depending what colors your wearing. I’ve joined before viewing more to see, but now that I’m on here this is a lot of the news I’ve known already know, but you saying this is all news breaking isn’t news braking. This news is on a lot of other podcast and my doing my own research. Making me think a bit here!

  5. Also, you state a lot at the beginning g of your news that you have a guest, then you continue giving updates and so far only 2 out of 5 have you’ve had a guest on your show. So why are you telling people you have a guest, then continue talking of news breaks and that guest doesn’t come on?

  6. Yesterday on that report it was said that Pence had executed, but, today, someone said on Telegram that he had just helped a little on President Trump’s campaign for 2024. so, I think there was a mistake in that report. Apparently he’s very much alive.

    • I don’t think Pence is alive. That’s probably misinformation. The nature of President Trump and even what’s happening behind the scene does not correspond with 2024. Because if President Trump can’t beat these losers now, he just can’t in 2024 because no one right now has the patience for that. We’re looking forward to March 4th and be rest assured that’s the date. Pence is gone. When news about the Pences on Yahoo said they were homeless, that was the tip.

    • As of 6 March 2021 navy seal team went into a cabin lower part of Indiana where Supposed Mike Pence was in hidden. When Navy Seal went in coffee was still warm and look as A ATVs trail been travel. Mike Pence was not there President Trump sent in forensic team to see if Mike DNA was there.

  7. Bill and Melinda have been ‘transed’ since 2013. They supposedly officially died back then, and transgender ‘doubles’ were created. It’s been abundantly clear that ‘Melinda’ is a dude, and Bill has much softer features and proportioned more like a woman since then. So if THIS set of Gates’ have been really recently arrested, then they got the original dopplegangers.

  8. Does anyone have the list of “ convicts” who have been through Military Tribunal Court? I’d sure like to see that. Thanks V

  9. I really think we need to take much of what Zublick says with a grain of salt. When he’s very specific like the names of Eric Prince’s team I can go along with it. There is no proof Epstein was to be the big voila on Jan 6, esp since he ‘magically’ got away from SS agents. There is no proof the ‘Gates’ have been executed and the ‘new pair’ have been around a really long time, not just recently. Zublick is known to make outlandish claims, so do your own research. If you cannot back it up, or your own discernment doesn’t jibe, then grain of salt.

    • Good to know! I watched him for the first time last night. I decided that in general, there have been many arrests and executions and Trump will be back in office… but some of the stuff he shared seemed really far fetched! I just pray one day we get the whole truth!

  10. Thanks!

    I will remember you well when telling my grandkids the history of the Biblical Second Harvest, when God defeated Evil for his children…


  11. I’m so sick of you people dancing around and not saying a damned thing!! If you have some legitimate news….spill it!!!!!

  12. One list I looked up under indictments & executions showed bill n melinda killed in India for their crimes there.

  13. Simply because YOU say so? WTF? That stupid , close-minded, narrow line of thinking is why you are a sheep and why this nation is at the point it is at. YOU are part of the damn problem. Wake the f up.

  14. Bill and Melinda Gates have been gone for a long time….4-5 years. They were pulled apart in India or Africa for all the children their vaccines killed and paralized.

  15. I question ,& wonder if the videos shown may be physi opps to prepare ,& condition the public for what’s to come. It feels like a taste of the real thing, however the people to be condemned in tribunals are in the process of exposing themselves for all to see. I believe the executions are coming,but more of their true evil must be evident,in order to prosicute to this level. I do believe lesser level criminals are being sentenced, & executed. Or at least let’s hope so👍

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