FBI Took Trump’s VIP Pedo List In Mar-a-Lago Raid!

Jessie Czebotar joins us to give us an update on the signed affidavits that are now in the possession of President Trump subsequent to the raid of his Mar-a-Lago estate in which a list of VIP pedophiles was confiscated. Plus…an update on the detainees at GITMO and the military tribunals!

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  1. I noticed that NONE of the culprits have been charged with the 911 attack on America and that mass murder of our own people and all the OWG orders that followed on we the people with all our freedoms taken away since – this conspiracy they are not
    charged with ?! Not one charge of this mass murder and attack on America ! Why not ? Is that under “over-throw of govt” ? Because all of them are guilty of that. It was planned all the way back to 1990 ! And if Hilalry is AGAIN executed (teh real Hillary died in 2016, and her clones have been carrying on for her and one and two of them have each been executed – that makes 3 times Hillary has been killed – yet there she is still out there in another clone STILL wanting to be president ! – we will never be rid of her no matter how many times they claim to execute her – they just pop out another clone ! She will STILL be around 30 years from now !

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