Trump Holding Secret Cabinet Meetings!

President Donald Trump has been holding secret cabinet meetings in preparation for his triumphant return to power. Brice Watson answers the question of whether or not yoga is demonic. Pryme Minister, White Dove and Negative 48 discuss the news of the day from a Biblical perspective. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. 10/12/2021–0808 CST.

    Thank God Almighty!

    Mr. Trump we have confidence in you. I, and millions of disillusioned Americans will stand by you and your leadership. Please guide us out of this madness, and restore civility, order and justice to our American Republic under the 1776 United States Constitution.

    My God Bless your decisions that you have wise judgment and acute discernment. This moment shall be for the Ages

  2. You really need to take your head out of your ass if you think that clown is your savior. He has never done anything that does not benefit himself.

    • LOL who said he was the savior, Jesus Christ is the savior, president Trump is our leader on this earth. YOU need to get your head out of your dirty rectum storage facility, It is full up!

    • 不不不不不 and what pray tell did he do as President, that benefitted him? He gave up his presidential salary. Donated it. He brought back jobs and our economy. Brought world peace. He worked to eradicate the extreme rape and torture of
      children for the harvesting of their adrenochrome. I can go on and on. NONE of which is selfish! Go back under ur rock lol. Stay asleep buddy. Hope u got ur vax! Get all the boosters u can in the next couple years, cause thats all the time u have. Sheep have no place in what is coming.

    • You need to get your head out of your own stink smelly moot ass….infact your probably a Satanists just like the rest of these pedophiles you egg…punch your head in dick!

  3. God helps those who help themselves.

    Trump represents Capitalism, the one thing that prevents large percentages of the World from being eliminated. As charming as you are Kevin, you are not needed, and are worthless to the Communists. The Communists play a game of control. They do not wait around to let Little Kevin play “Patty cakes” hoping for your special break guest appearance on Star Search.

  4. Jus a momentary brake n the narrativ:

    There is NOW a new rash of vaxcidnts happnin’ n the skies with small plane crashes…

    They r bein’ covahd up by the FAKE NEWZ…

    Vaxd pilots r now suffrin’ strokes and heart attacks n mid-air and r crasshin’ n2 houses and ppl on the ground…

    1 jus happnd n Cali…a pilot crashd n2 a UPS truck and killd the drivr…and hit a house…



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