Hurricane Victims Force-Vaccinated!

New Orleanians who fled their homes ahead of Hurricane Ida’s terrifying wrath and later tried to return to salvage keepsakes and mementos were forcibly vaccinated by FEMA agents. John Carman will weigh in on this breaking news and other topics. Chris Wilson exposes the truth behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. This is Rosie DeFrancisco.Jimmy can’t wait
    to be back in the show folks. Unless there’s a guest who must cancel,
    Airmen Jim will be back on Monday September 13,2021 from 1 to 2 PM,God willing. I’ll try to say something as well. I’m a bit shy friends,sorry. We love and Pray for all of you nightly. Be well,be safe and take careof yourselves. We live in northeast Pennsylvania and had one he’ll of a storm from the remnants of Hurricane Ira. it was very bad. … rosie.

  2. If you wish to remain credible you will need to do a better job of presenting the fact without undue “hype”. What you are creating is fear without the substance.

  3. I take offense at the remarks about ppl who choose to wear masks. I am not a democrat. I am 69 and have health issues so I choose to mask out of an abundence of caution to go to the store and get my hair cut and otherwise avoid close contact with ppl. No jab. No covid in my house to date. And I am not nuts. So, cut some of us a bit of slack, please. Folks who mask do not all fit your description.

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