Dismantling Family Court Corruption!

Dr. Maryann Petri, author of “Dismantling Family Court Corruption”. Dr, James Fetzer updates us on his Sandy Hook battle. Lorianne Page, Christian based psychologist. Meghan Walsh and Christi Tasker update us on Meghan’s battle to reclaim her children from her father John Walsh. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Lots of problems listening to the show, either no sound or no video. What’s going on?

  2. The abuse directed towards Meghan Walsh and her children is downright evil. The luciferian courts are designed to punish those trying to leave the evil system, and keep them subservient to it. Meghan is breaking the cycle within her family lineage, and this is her punishment, which is also being passed down to her children. When you listen to Jess Czebotar, you’ll understand how children within this evil system are either bred to keep the evil system going, or are expendable (sacrificed) like her brother Adam was. There’s a famous photo of Meghan with Ronald Reagan. RR was aware of what was going on in the system, and was obviously friends with the Walsh family.
    It’s time to take it ALL down. Government must go, and our infrastructure must be ran by good, America loving individuals. We are being enslaved by the very system we one our independence from in 1776.
    DeSantis is in on the whole thing. Florida is not a free state. It’s riddled with corruption in the human trafficking business. The vast majority of people leaving the worst bluec states, like CA and NY, are moving to Florida, and that’s by design as DeSantis continually tells parents to bring their families and children to Florida, because Florida is all about “freedom and family”. Florida is about trafficking us through their legalized, for profit, human trafficking business (our legal system).
    It’s time for people to wake the heck up, and stop supporting politicians. It all has to go.

  3. I want to know where the young woman’s pants are on your ad to sale a Dark Outpost shirt. Although you may think I’m being “ridiculous”. But I can assure you it doesn’t look good and there is no excuse for it.

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