Jill Biden Arrested!

Dark Outpost has learned exclusively that usurper to the office of the first lady Jill Biden has been arrested by authorities. We have also been given the identity of the actor portraying Joe Biden. This is a developing story. Airman Jim Francisco discusses the latest UFO/UAP news. Michelle Stefanick continues her exposure of the United States governments’ complicity in the African Embassy Bombing, Benghazi and 911. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Hahahahaha…HAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Almost as good as Hillary Clinton being “EXECUTED” at GITMO.
    Like I said…
    This website should be called *The Bullshit Outpost*.

  2. Why won’t video re: @ Jill Biden run..hit arrow, hit other arrow…nothing??? First time here, filled in name and email below in “sendinblue” newsletter, hit subscribe..nothing happened!

  3. I have a remedy for unbelievers. Wait. Wait. Wait .. because everything hidden one day will be revealed. If all it’s a lie one day it will be revealed.
    Personally I don’t think that it’s a lie. These things happen behind the scene and media will never say the truth to you. Instead of criticizing please WAIT.

  4. I dont blame her. He deserves an ass whipping every day.PINCHING LITTLE GIRLS NIPPLES. Id shoot his ass.

  5. Maryland
    Jill Biden wears medical boot after foot injury in Hawaii was run with pic by AP news on Aug 13, 2021, a week before she was allegedly arrested.

  6. All of these wicked women, too (actual genetic women or change-ups) who have had a lead and hand in this country’s decadence, apathy, and decline need to be severely punished. TREASON-SEDITION-ESPIONAGE The only doors that should be opened for these “ladies” are those at the nearest gas chamber!

    Mr. Spock on Nancy Crater, I say, and all of the killer monsters of the kind.

    • That comment is so vapid and banal. Its tonal “smell” is loud and clear. Any chance you might go back to creative writing class, please?

      Truth and Justice once served is the sweetest smelling rose.

      Believe in Liberty. Believe in Free Speech.
      Respect D.Z. He has sources which he has said are unimpeachable. This is history, in the making, and you heard it here first on David’s show.

  7. So, Trump has said that the Biden camp stole the election by tampering with the voting machines, ballots, ect. and the whole thing was a sting operation to take down the deep state evil cabal that has been controlling the country. Right?
    If any of the claims he has made about ANYTHING are true, why hasn’t he brought forth to mainstream public ANY of the controversial “conspiracy” crimes he’s supposed to be fighting behind the scenes?
    If they literally stole the election, why hasn’t he done something? At this point, with SO much corruption in the entire top of our government, why hasn’t he exposed them all? Who cares about the laws they put in place to protect themselves, if they’re corrupt laws, they have no validity. Why honor they’re nonsense and let them continue to destroy our country and our world when he had the power to actually do something about it?
    Because nothing happens in politics that hasn’t been planned for DECADES! He was just playing his part in the largest Hollywood production ever made! He’s not a God fearing man any more than Bush was. He said on camera, mainstream even, “I like Gislaine Maxwell and I wish her well”, this pretty much says it all! He kept saying “trust the plan”, WHAT PLAN!? The ‘plandemic’!?
    Quit putting your faith in man, especially men you have never even met. POWERFUL MEN LIE TOO! We need to figure out how to get ALL of them out of there, we have too much government in our lives and they do NOT have our best interest in mind. Please, OPEN YOUR EYES! The bible teaches it, do you have ears to hear? God bless you and always remember to FEED THE POSITIVE~!

    • you have no clue what president trump amd the military been doing This is bigger then you think Its also about saving the children His statemnt i like Gislainee learn what he says he say a lot of comms Military Intelligenc worldwide Sting Opertion they have it all. there doing it this way to let all the corrupt come out .All involved are going to prison for Treason. This is there way of making sure we have clean elections also most of them have been very corrupt. Research about the kids in the tunnsl nancy and all top Politions Judges lawyers Coauches business Disney ceo,s fast food placs Prime ministers, Vatican Palace more.Its nit just the top in the gOV. Killing kids torturing them raping them drinking the blood. child trafficing its terrible what went on. Presiden trumps the only President that had the guts to clean up the world of all this trash Satanics deepstaters .They held Satanic Rituals in the tunnels used kids for Experiments on animals. what we have now is a actor playing biden real biden was executed.

      • Its all an illusion, he’s one of them too. Yes, these horrible things have been and still are happening to children for a long time. NO ONE gets to these positions, these levels of wealth, fame, notoriety, etc. without participating in the evil rituals – NO ONE! People need to stop following all the trends and believing things that they hear. Rescues have nothing to do with Trump, but he’s more than happy to let you think they are. Anyways, put your faith in God, people will fail you if you continue to be gullible.

      • Yes mam !! I like the plan, true Patriots believe, fair weather idiots always doubt Donald Trump !!

        • What is the PLAN? I have faith in God, if that makes me an idiot, I’ll wear that badge proudly! The mere fact that you feel it necessary to call people names and throw hate simply because someone has a different opinion shows that their plan is working. Keep the masses at odds so they don’t see what is really going on. But, hey, you have the right to believe whatever you want AND so do I, but I don’t hate you for it.

      • Awesome Marlene, Very well said. You hit the nail right on the head. I too agree, that Biden was executed and Arthur Roberts is impersonating him. This is why he is always nervously repeating…”I am going to get into trouble”.

      • Marlene, what you explained is exactly true!
        I want to add that I would say, “EVERYONE”, but I would probably be more accurate in saying, “ALMOST EVERYONE” in the Congress & Senate has been compromised (that’s what they use the kids for too! That was Epstein’s specialty) and that is why they can’t just take them all out & execute them, like they did to Killary in Dec. of 2018. Because NO ONE would be left to do the jobs that those people were supposed to be doing! I think that’s why Trey Goudy left. He was the only one that wasn’t being paid off according to their records. So the American people need to be shown the depth of the corruption that is actually going on in this country.

        I don’t think these treasonous people are going to prison, I think they will be executed. After all, why should we be working & paying for them to live the rest of their life out on a tropical island in the Carribbean? I think Gitmo is just a holding tank until each resident gets their turn at their own Military Tribunal. That’s why they had to expand it for more guests.

        If people who are quick to criticize Trump would pay close attention to HOW he says things about people “they” don’t like, and go beyond the words (only 7% of any communication) and pay attention to the tone of voice(38%) & body language(55%), they would get a much deeper meaning out of that communication at 93% and see what Trump actually thinks of them! I find it very interesting to do that. But these critics just don’t have enough information, so they demonstrate their need for KNOWLEDGE by how they criticize. People must develop their discernment, so that they can see what is true & what is an UNtruth.
        They also need to develop discretion as well. I would say that people should develop their relationship with the Holy Spirit to guide them all the way.
        The HS doesn’t make mistakes, just like God doesn’t make mistakes. On this planet, only human make mistakes, unfortunately!

        And also apparently, DZ in one of his reports, said they now have the name of the actor who is playing the role of JB.

        Thanks for telling the truth, Marlene!
        Bless your heart!

        • Do your own research, there is a lot of truth about things that no one seems to be learning. Again, you’re defending someone you don’t even know. But you can, I’m not telling you you’re all wrong, only time will tell. Jesus does say not to follow the masses. Common sense tells me they’re all in it together, my handler used to tell me that too. The reason all this concerns me is because people refuse to listen to the truth if it varies from what they want to believe. Heartbreaking for real. God bless.

      • I’ve been “awake” for about 30 years! I learned this shit first hand, where’d you get your info? The internet? HAHAHA
        Look, I don’t say anything trying to stir up hate and drama. God knows, there is way too much of that already. I have sincerely been trying to find others who seek justice and wish to hold them accountable and remove them from power. We may not be many, but we are working on it. Where 2 or more are gathered in His name . . . mountains are moving. Peace out.

  8. Regarding 911. Why did our Military allow so much of our equipment to go to the Taliban? I thought our Military is supposed to protect America and its interests. Nothing is making any sense anymore, including Trump. He’s done nothing to take back what is rightfully his and even promoted the vaccine at his Alabama rally, where he was booed for doing so. I don’t believe anything I’m hearing anymore because all roads lead to nowhere.

    • I agree. I do, however, believe that if we don’t do something soon it will be too late. We need to all come together, organize and figure out how to stop them. Time is running out. There are more of us then there are of them, surely we united, can find a real solution to this problem. We just need to all come together and this is where we struggle.

    • Because the Taliban is working with us, the White Hats to fight ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

  9. I have no idea why they’re arresting irrelevant people like Jill Biden, and not just going straight after her Jewish masters.

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