Saturday Night Free For All!

Join us this Saturday evening, August 21st at 9 pm Eastern Time, for a Saturday night Free-For-All. Open line conversation with your telephone calls.

To watch the live broadcast on Saturday evening, August 21st at 9 pm Eastern Time, click the image below:


  1. I watched Trump’s speech on January, and then followed the news that afternoon. There was no riot and the whole Ashlii Babbit killing was a staged event. There was no blood, and they carried out her corpse without a stretcher, with no time to investigate the scene of the crime. And, to add to all the phoniness, Congress went back to session so soon, there could not have been a security search, a proper one. this all has to be revealed.

  2. This covid jab is sounding more and more like the mark of the beast. We are in the tribulation time.. Its the time to endure and and bare the sufferings.. Strong hold faith in Jesus.. Those who endure these tribulation times will enter the Heaven.. Please love of God do not take the jab!!

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