How Far Will This Go?

How far is the Deep State willing to go in its persecution of Donald Trump? Will he be arrested? Or will they try to assassinate him? We examine the issue. Dr, James Fetzer gives his take on the Trump raid as well. Holly Highfield and Dr. Lana Kontos have Wellness Wednesday health information. Pastor Bill MacGregor had predicted that Trump would go down in August. Is his prediction coming true? Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. David I now know that my Beloved Donald John Trump is in fact dead as you revealed few weeks ago. Since this fact was disclosed to me I have not been able to eat and have been crying continuosly for one week. If I fully understand how he was killed I will probably be ale to accept the painfiul fact. Was our former Donald Trump killed by the cabal or members of the white hat who betrayed him or some members of the Republican party? The information I have seem to indicate that there were some foreign leaders and Royal involved in His assasination. David I have watched you for years I know you are the most reliable source for the truth of what is going on. Please help me out.

    • Mr. Trump is not dead, I most assuredly can tell you.

      The Sun Tzu classic, “The Art of War” and the Jesuit knowledge contained within has not been lost on Mr. Trump. For you see my friends, according to many including Dr. Walter Veith of So. Africa, there was no ancient writer Sun Tzu, only the Jesuits and their plans of world conquest.

      Mr. Trump fully knows about who they are, what they are, and their plans. Knowing this BEFORE he ran for office! Being an estranged Jesuit trained-possible agent insider himself; including the Kennedy Family…he knows all to well the strategy of this war. AND THIS IS WAR! Everything upside down–Poseidon Adventure. He is alive and well.. I can assure everyone.

      Make your enemy think that you are weak and feeble when you have strength and resolve.
      The Jesuit General is Sun Tzu. The strategy is clear and precise.

      > If you know yourself and your enemy..every battle victorious.
      > If you know yourself and not the enemy–as many wins as losses.
      > you know not yourself and not your enemy–every battle lost.

      Is it really that the great Michigan which always seemed to trounce out lowly Wisconsin Badgers football team were always better athletically and so were manhandled every time? The reality is..that Michigan always had spies in Madison watching..listening..taking notes..being ready. They did their homework and knew our team like the back of their hand?

      Know yourself and your enemy–every battle won!

      Feeble and confused and seemingly in a dazed and confused stupor ready for the corner pocket…?


      • Stop editing my posts– Verstehen sie?

        > If you know yourself and your enemy..every battle victorious.
        > If you know yourself and not the enemy–as many wins as losses.
        > If you know not yourself and not your enemy–every battle lost.

        Gloating Michigan fans better than Ohio State fans, will give them that.

        Oh the drunken Michigan fans—Michigan, Michigan, and they get into their rusty Fords drive back to their shithole. There.

        Mr. Trump said, nothing can stop what is coming!

        • Actually Michigan football fans in Madison were great as I remember. Always better than any Ohio State Fan alive, dead, drunk or sober. Always showered with rice and kisses, of course!

          I remember, however, a certain Ford Econoline van with Iowa flags
          bolted on the side like some sort of staff car from Hogan’s Hero’s driven by the late great coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes Hayden Frye which was parked conspicuously much too out of place in my neighborhood.

          Those were the days!

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