Dark Outpost LIVE 07-31-2021 Saturday Night Free For All

It’s a Saturday night free-for-all! Open lines on any topic!

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  1. If I could change any law today, it would have to be term limits and salary reduction and down to 2 year terms only for all Fed & state elected congressional persons of all states and of both Senate & House.

  2. I would change the legal law allowing every individual of competent age and faculties to stand in a court of law and equally have the same quality of representation in court reguadless of income or status.

  3. I saw a man who looked like Fauci on a delta flight 2273 from MSP to RDU on friday july 30 arrived at RDU at about midnight “bigger nose and more belly,,,,made me wonder. %-\

  4. I missed your live show on Saturday Dave , but Ill be on again next Monday from 1 to 2 PM. Rosie says Hello. Our kittycat ‘Midnight Star’ says MEOW!

  5. Rosie and I are in deep Prayers for your family members and all the folks on this planet who took the Covid jabs.

  6. I would require citizenship to own property in this Country. No foreign gov’ts or people owning property in the United States.

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