FBI Drops Seth Rich Bombs!

The FBI drops thousands of pages of documents on murdered DNC operative Seth Rich — this is after they said they had nothing. CNN’s Chris Cuomo tied to pedophile ring run by Jeffrey Epstein. Peter Kirby continues his series on chemtrails. Ginny Silcox covers the dangers of 5G. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. The essential and literal definition of the word: GOVERNMENT is mind control.

  2. I will not be giving any more to St. Jude Hospital. People should not be forced to take these shots (bio weapons) they may ruin your immune system and may cause health problems, like sterilization, blood clots, strokes or heart attacks…This is what I have read from doctors, and the frontlinedoctors. A friend got Covid, in hospital, then later went to her doctor got the shot, now she has 3 fingers frozen on left hand, dizziness, vertigo, and many other things happening to her, so she told me. Another friend was well, then died after a week of getting a vaccine. So a person needs to not be forced if they choose to get a vaccine that is their right.

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