Is Trump Coming Back?

Ever since the 2020 election was stolen there has been talk that Donald Trump will return as President, perhaps as soon as August. But is this true? John Carman has an opinion. Plus…Michelle Stefanick discusses a major cover-up within the State Department. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. I say Trump will return. He never lost the election and he never left. Also, I noticed how his name keeps coming up on the news.

    Mr. Carman may have a lot of experience, but I think he is wrong when he said Trump was not returning.

  2. He’s coming back like a Rocky sequel. Except the Russians won’t have to admit it because they already know. Hitherto naysayers will utter their faltering concessions, despite their conscious mind still refusing to believe and clinging to the narrative. Oh boy your life’s a bitch all to Hades.

  3. trump never left, the reason biden is still playing his role as president, is to prevent liberals from rioting. all the information, collusion, lies, corruption, has to be exposed. letting them dig a deeper hole. Why would the liberals be so headstrong on trying to stop the audits? chits about to hit the fan, be ready libs, your bubble’s getting thinner and thinner, it’s about to pop.

  4. Mr. Trump will always be remembered as the New Yorker President with the “Rock’Em-Sock’Em”..IN YOUR FACE… New Yorker attitude. He is American, and loves his country.

    President Trump..WE LOVE YOU..and we need you back..right-now!

  5. er kommt zurück
    él regresa
    Он возвращается
    He is Coming Back—

    In any language; and
    BY the means that LEFT despises;
    With The Power of LAW and ORDER
    Wielded by those that honor America
    and who bear The Tools to Defeat Every Enemy
    of Freedom and Liberty–

    For Donald J. Trump
    The Legal, Rightful, chosen and Elected
    President of These Our United States !

    The naysayers, those deceived and blinded
    by the LIES of The LEFT and those corrupted
    on The Right who, by the Will of God, will soon be revealed and disgraced
    SHALL All See The Evil and Corruption of all those Anti-American
    Tyranny Seeking participants in the 2020 FRAUD and Foreign Interference.

    There will be a RECKONING
    The Traitors and Anti-Americans shall face Real Consequences
    It is but a splinter of the Titanic / mind-boggling
    Cleansing PURGE that GOD Will Bring.

    We have had to clean House in this Nation many times.
    Some of the Cleaners and Cleansing Agents were weak
    and many failed to scour down to the bare metal
    of True Patriots and Honorable men and women of God
    (whose metal was The Foundation of This Nation).

    But The Cleansing That is Coming Will So Overwhelm
    Those on The LEFT — that everlasting shame and suffering
    will never meet the measure of The EVIL they have done!
    GOD has a solution for that inadequacy–
    Namely their Shame and Suffering Will Be ENDLESS
    never to abate, lesson or go away—
    UNLESS they turn from that Insanity and Putrid Poison
    of the Chaos of rejecting True LAW & Order;
    the avarice Tyranny (in Governance); and
    the Domination (of rejecting and battling against Spirituality)
    Though the LEFT – the enemies of Freedom & Liberty and despisers of God
    will see Christ’s Command and Pattern
    as foolishness- It is TRUE:
    UNLESS YOU REPENT – and become as a little child in humility
    AND SEEK To REPAIR — you shall see there is a GOD; and there is JUSTICE!

    THE LEFT Will NEVER be a part of
    A Free Nation (now as our Constitutional Republic); OR
    A Peaceful Society (within and abiding a Moral Standard Set by Christ)
    all your ideas, slogans, marches, chants, riots- and
    all your acts have been to reject The Beauty and JOY of This NATION

    Donald J. Trump may not be the best human ever to walk on earth
    But George Washington our nation’s Father;
    and Abraham Lincoln its erstwhile Savior from Civil War & Slavery;
    BOTH accept and pray for this man and Trump’s work to Drain The SWAMP.

    Those that reject TRUTH- have no lasting place in a BLESSED LAND
    (in fact) The Very Best LAND on The Face of This Planet.
    Our home here in America IS The birthplace of Humanity !
    It is The Eden of Old;
    And The Home of The New Jerusalem.
    It will Be The Seat of Government
    of The Living CHRIST and The Saints will Joy in Him here on This Continent
    Just As True Saints will bask in His Leadership over His Kingdom (Church)
    on The Earth in the city of Jerusalem.
    The Millennium Age will have ZERO Leftists alive to walk the earth
    have relationships; families and children.
    That Evil will only arise again when some fool will again turn to
    The LIES of The LEFT and Satan will be released to RAGE for a short extent
    THEN Christ as He did in His Prelude (Tribulation) and Cleansing
    of His Second Coming — Shall for the LAST TIME – CLEAN this Earth
    from the Ugly Plague of Those that choose to seek by LIES, perversions
    and Atrocities DARKNESS, EVIL; Blood & Horror.

    TAKE THAT TRUTH all you who despise the Jews (& People of God) and chew on it –
    for you are fallen sons and daughters of God.
    Your END is Coming—
    So, play in the embers of your ungodly fires – Till The Great Tribulation
    Sweeps you into The Grave – by Calamities, famine, pestilence, and the
    swords of both the wicked who promote blood and horror- and by The Hand
    of God by mortal and immortal powers of Destruction.

    Your ashes will be beaten into the earth by those spared in Christ’s
    Grand Return – and the shame of your Treason and atrocities against
    the innocent and precious ones will never be forgotten by your victims
    nor by The Warriors of LIGHT who honor The God of This Earth
    and His Beloved Son – Creator, Savior and Redeemer!

    You that have spoiled your lives, poisoned society and brought a CURSE
    upon This Blessed Continent —
    You and each of you living The LEFT’s LIES
    Shall FACE a Man and Power that you
    cannot Deny – for when you know who you were and the EVIL you chose
    after giving fealty to The Anointed One before your birth-
    By The TRUTH of That Holy Remembrance of Reality
    will drive you (and every man and woman) to your knees
    and your lips will shout That Jesus is The CHRIST and His Judgment [Punishment(s)] upon you are JUST.

    Those of us that love God will fall to our knees as all do
    but without shame and suffering of The Damned —
    instead we shall Praise His Name, His Works, and His Promises to
    all who will live His Life and Abide in Him.

    We who love God and have true regard and compassion for our fellow-man
    are in our Just and Rightful FURY
    over the ugliness and misery you on The LEFT have planted, nurtured,
    and spread as A PLAGUE !
    We shall turn to our GOD and cry day and night for that PURGE!

    You will see our prayers answered
    by the God that Gave us Breath
    and the very Light within us —
    to your Everlasting Shame and Destruction !!

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