COVID Tribunals To Be Held At “Gitmo 2”

The U.S. military and the Navy’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps have established a new venue to hold military tribunals for the myriad Deep State players whose names appeared on sealed indictments that Donald J. Trump and former acting AG Jeffrey Rosen had written in the waning days of Trump’s first presidential term. Until recently, most tribunals had been held at the military’s detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, but overcrowding and limited space forced JAG to expand its operational scope, as it ramps up efforts to capture and incarcerate Deep State assets who have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity. Tribunals for all Deep State actors, especially those responsible for creating the bioweapon known as COVID-19 and its even more deadly weapon, i.e., the so-called “vaccine”, will now be held at Tiera del Fuego. Brice Watson continues her deep dive into the banned books of the Bible, and Ronnie McMullen on the five phases of vaccine compliance. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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    • Hahahahaha…
      Not a BIG DEAL…but…
      You wasted your money, Donna.
      Zublick is a big BULLSHIT artist.
      Believe only HALF (maybe less) of what he says.
      People are catching on to his BS…
      FOR EXAMPLE: Hillary Clinton is ALIVE and WELL…
      She was never EXECUTED.
      She was sipping her favorite White wine last week…
      At some fancy NYC restaurant.
      While husband Bill was hitting on some guy’s wife.

      • Do you have the video on this. I have seen several hillarie, but the could be clones or doubles. I know that wasn’t her at the inauguration, she was 2 inches shorter than the original and Bill was taller than the original.

      • You are either a liberal or uninformed, you are wrong and it’s mfers like you (sheeple) that are keeping America in this shithole were back in., Americans are sick of your type brainwashed babble mouthed bullshit spreaders that need a wake up call. Hillary the baby killer is dead and here you are trying to discredit David zublick’s info, your a treasure to the satanist dems. You should at gitmo so you can watch all the evil little baby killer’s get the noose or a bullet to there demonic piece of shit head, then maybe and I mean maybe you and all the brain dead flock of idiots will get it, not very likely in some opinions, there’s a place at Napa state mental hospital awaiting you, psyco therapy may wake you up to the reality that you kill babies or any other human being for dinner your ass is going to suffer just like all the millions of innocent babies teens and women the scumbag bitch Hillary had a heyday murdering, may your jaw get locked punishment for spewing crap without researching the facts first. Sheeples bah bah bah, your all in need of psyco shock treatment.

    • I love you guys, Ronnie included – his dancing contemplations probably made everybody laugh – the best medicine everybody needs!

      Nobody can take our power away. Only we can give it away.

      What we can do is keep our vibrations high, laughing, loving, etc. Whatever makes you happy. The advantage of C19 is that people globally now are figuring this out. We raise the vibration; the more of us join in, the better for everybody.

      As Ronnie made clear, emotions affect everybody. Positive emotions as well! What I do here in a liberal CA city: I smile as often as I can when I see sad scared people wandering the empty streets with their napkins in their faces, their heads hanging down while they are dragging their heavy body along. I have made some of them awaken at least for seconds.

  1. HEY…let’s talk about why Hillary Clinton is still around.
    She was spotted within the past week…
    Sipping her favorite wine at some fancy NYC restaurant…
    While husband Bill was hitting on some guy’s wife.
    Hillary Clinton was never EXECUTED.
    She’s ALIVE and well.
    Just more *BULLSHIT* from David Zublick.
    From his “SECRET SOURCES”.

  2. The Bible says: How you’ve done it shall be done unto you – Obadia verse 15.
    I don’t care how they will be killed the problem here is that they pay for what they’ve done.
    If you want another method then use King’s David method. He cut his enemy with the sword, and David was a righteous man according to God’s Word.

  3. It is confusing that you mention Lady Gaga, Obama, etc. as people who will be arrested, when they are already on a list as having been arrested and executed.

  4. It is done
    There is a time where we shall all shake with recollection of completion.
    Show has been on going and continues to drive itself. People must break (chains) lose self and then come with the truths of source

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