Military Indicts Liz Cheney

After House Republicans voted to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from her House leadership post, and she pledged to make sure Donald J. Trump never gets “near the Oval Office again,” the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps drafted a sealed indictment charging her with treason and other high crimes against America and its citizenry. Sources indicate that Cheney will be arrested soon and sent to Gitmo. A woman going by the name of Adelaide discusses the child sex trafficking of her daughter by Obama/Biden. Chris Vigil talks about his documentaries on the restoration of our republic. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. Hmmm. She IS kinda hot. I wonder if career failure is an aphrodisiac. And dost her garden grow contrary to a hailmary of the sanctuary? Well. Shoot. Only one way to find out. Goin down!

    And who painteth our house, and waxeth our ceiling? The heckleberries with them! So we say amen to those who baketh our bread and basteth our turkey which might have a face. But we have many thanks for this poetic justice to all. Lord have mercy on the caged and untamed. They are free.

    And no need to work through the night because nice man cometh quickly! 😀

  2. They should have just taken her to Gitmo straight away, the longer they leave it the more chance they change their laws or this dictatorship takes over,
    as planned all along, we need to stop pussyfooting it and take them away NOW !

  3. I think her dad was indicted and excecuted at GITMO. Looks like she will be following in her dad’s footsteps.

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