Kamala At Fake White House: “Call Me President Harris”

The real White House has essentially “gone dark” ever since Trump vacated the Oval Office on January 20, and the Biden administration has been operating from “other venues made to look official” so foreign nations and the U.S. citizenry would not suspect that an enormous vacuum of power currently exists in the United States. With Joe Biden mentally incapacitated, Kamala Harris has taken it upon herself to carry out the duties of the presidency, ordering staffers to refer to her as ‘President Harris’. John Carman gives us his take on this and other topics. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. just like GOD will do nothing unless he tells it first to his prophets,the same goes for satan he has to reveal what hes doing or going to do ,but he disguises it in movies or on tv,music whatever he was the leader of worship in heaven before he was kicked out.so he deceives us in music and entertainment,its called soft disclosure.

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