The Night Hillary Was Hanged

The night Hillary Clinton was executed at Guantanamo Bay was filled with anguish, tears, begging, pleading, hysterics and rage. You’ll get a minute-by-minute description of what happened on the evening of December 31st, 2018. Bob Kudla joins us to discuss the disappearance of silver, inflation, crypto currency and your chance to wade through the mire and come out ahead in online trading. Emanuel Blue talks about opening churches during the plandemic. Ronnie McMullen discusses the globalists’ war on the unvaccinated. Dr. James Fetzer breaks down the Columbus, Ohio false flag and the Maricopa County audit. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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    • If Hillary is dead then how come sees on TV talking about Bidens first 100 days in office? WTF is really going on???

      • CGI COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGINE HOLLYWOOD can make a movie with you in it, without you being there in physical form. All they need is a picture of your face… Research

      • She is really dead. Dec.31, 2018. What your seeing are deep fakes, clones and actors in make up ( Mrs. Doubtfire). The EBS should be on soon and show everyone the truth. Emergency Boardcast System. Be patient.

  1. I tell people at work about Hillary Clinton execution and some hardliners say it’s fake news without even looking or reading up on the subject matter. But when the Democrats and the Democrats media had lies to to push about Donald Trump for over four years they ran with it hook line and sinker. It’s so sad to see block there brains off from looking for the truth. If this story wasn’t true then there would be evidence to prove its not true and certain people would be running to the lawyers office to file lawsuits.So as of now I believe this article is truth until proven otherwise.

    • Sheeples they are stuck on stupied, they will one day hang there heads in shame, another name I read about the folks that after facts have been shown to them and still they don’t believe there stupieds plain and simple, God knows how annoying and frustrating it is trying to share truth with folks that cannot compretend, they are sad and brainwashed.

      • So, Hillary is dead. Did someone feed her body to aliens ? Did soldiers with demonic spirits carry her to the hanging ? If you believe one of these stories you have to believe them all. These “headlines” look and sound just like National Enquirer headlines. I am not convinced.

    • The reason they look like that is because it is not rational. These stories take a little bit of truth and throw in a heap of nonsense and mix it all up. PTSD is not caused by demons. The government is not feeding us to aliens. Hillary did not get hanged although it would be nice. Good grief, try and think logically. I know the media lies. Believing in some of these stories is almost worse.

      • Jonathan, we are not talking about rational people, events and circumstances. Who here said anything about being fed to aliens (if that’s what they really are, which I doubt). Off course PTSD isn’t caused by Demons (why did you mention Demons? Do you know what they really are and their origins?) Are you sure Hilary did not get hanged? Thinking logically doesn’t work when peoples chose to do illogical things which have an impact on other peoples lives, like when Hilary chose to let the soldiers Christopher Stevens, State Information Officer Sean Smith, and Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods die at Benghazi. A logical person like you wouldn’t let this happen right? What lies have the media told? Whats worse than believing in the truth? It’s when we know it’s a lie.

  2. We need to see these Satanic psychopaths being hung or shot.
    We need to get Nuremberg style true Justice Courts going to drag these alleged Public Health creatures dictating what we have to do from their scripts out of office.

  3. This is suspicious. You are describing a slow hanging. With a drop-snap she would only be able to scream on the way down. At the snap she would be gone.

    • Thank god Hillary is toast what she and huma have been doing is beyond evil, karma so a bitch.

    • It’s possible that a “botched” hanging would not snap the neck. Instead, the condemned would suffocate due to the rope being behind the neck instead of to the side.

  4. Tweeter is blocking the video from playing, folks you know it’s true when the media like fake book Google tweeter and so on block shit, it’s truth, their the lying bastards there day is coming.

  5. Tweeter is blocking the Hillary hanging, isn’t that against the law it’s public record or so I thought it was.

  6. But Hillary’s Twitter is still so active every day, even today. How can you explain this?

    • Someone else is using Hillary’s Twitter account ?she has several messages on Twitter today.

      • many twitters have been taken over by WHats – same as cgi comments in TV or doubles that show up at events

  7. I wish I could see this video, but tweeter or Google is blocking it from playing, any tips on how to see it?

      • You have to start it at 11am eastern time, here in California it’s 8 am depends on where you live if your central time it would be 9am in the morning. Hope your able to see it.

    • hi my brother in law just told me about the Clintons being hung in 2019. i would appreciate any links to read about this and their scummy lives. Also Hunter Biden. is Joe dead. i know letters were passed out at Gbushs funeral. was this why the evils were killed.

    • 11am eastern time, west coast is 8am , central time is 9 am. Depends on where you live, I think it’s this way so the jerks can’t take it down.

  8. How is it families of the executed are not talking about this? Surely they would know a clone or doppelgänger from their family member.

  9. I believe that McCain, HRC, WJC, George Bush Sr, George Bush Jr and the Obamas were all executed; however, we still need irrefutable evidence to show the sheeple that this is true. I can understand anyone asking for empirical evidence (tribunal records, video testimony, Nancy Pelosi giving a speech saying Trump won fair and square, a list of all those who have been executed shown on the tv screen every day for a month will help the Sheeple understand. It is only fair that they ask for evidence. If I was in their shoes, I would too. The problem is that the MSM is so crooked we are given this information except by the GOOD PATRIOTS like David Zublic and others. This is why the Sheeple do not believe it.

    • Unfortunately, your correct, and I expect there will be lifers that will remain sheeples, the ones that can’t understand normal thinking or refuse to believe the truth because they are brainwashed beyond the normal realm.

  10. I’m a bit put out that Hillary’s hanging wasn’t pay for view. The world needed to see that bitch get what was coming to her. I’m now waiting for the Obama’s, Gates and Fauci to face justice.

    • I agree! Not sure I would want to see the actual hanging, but would like to see her being led to the gallows and noose put around her neck!

      • They explain that in the video, she was cut from a evil mold, that Pos is where she belongs, burning in hell.

  11. They all need to be banished from this earth
    Deep state needs to go they are carrying on like all these ppl are still alive. Treasonous acts they all must pay for..,,

  12. I don’t get it, you said she died in 2016 already in another video.

    • 11:58 pm dec,31.2018, both clintons were hung, Hillary was pathetic sniveling bitching I’m Hillary Clinton you can’t do this to me, like the slimy demon was above us all, you need to watch video it explains all.

  13. Clinton died the day she began collapsing at the van…she appeared a very bouncy thinner version an hour later. Everyone is long gone, the big guys were taken down right out of the gate. The millions that needed taken down was no small feat. President Trump is extremely brave. Hundreds of assassination attempts in his belt…clones are all you see. We couldn’t have traumatized sleepers drop like flies all at once. So it’s baby steps. Wait until they learn EVERYTHING, science, education, politics, and RELIGION…99% of our lives have been a lie.

  14. If Hillary is dead then how come sees on TV talking about Bidens first 100 days in office? WTF is really going on???

    • Hillary has two look a likes, can you imagine looking like the most hated person on earth, damn I would get that shit fixed a sap.

  15. Do people even know what a CLONE is?

    If Joe Biden, for instance, got cloned in 2000, his clone would not be able to impersonate him because THE CLONE WOULD BE ONLY 21 YEARS OLD.

  16. I wonder what happens to their bodies after they are executed? Are they cremated does the body go back to the family for burial?

  17. Hola,si Hillary Clinton,fue clonada en su primera detención…a cuántas ejecuciones asistiremos?,será está la verdadera,una clonada,bastará con la horca?.

  18. I’ve been listening every night for a while now. Question: Has anyone gotten the jab “covid vaccine” yet? And, if you have, what side effects, if any have you had? Thank you.

    My son is pressuring me to get the vaccine and I’d rather not. I do not even like wearing the mask. Today, I did not wear a mask into kwik trip. Noone said anything.

  19. What would convince you?
    What if you could be there right?
    So you wouldn’t trust a video of her execution?
    But you would trust MSMN telling you it didn’t happen maybe?
    We’ve been trained to trust MSMN for all our lives, things change when we find they are lying.

  20. Speaking to the defamation side of things, I see two ways this could go. Hillary is either guilty of all things mentioned or she is completely innocent and a member of the Q mission. Being the lawyer she is, both cases would indicate to me complete silence on her part. If the media and elitists have created how we think, is it possible they made us think Hillary was one of the worst people ever to inhabit this planet. If its all fake news now, wouldn’t it be fake news then? I wouldn’t know, I have never been anywhere near her.

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