Ukrainian Biolab Horror: Children Turned Into Cannibals!

Over 35,000 children have been rescued from underground bases in Ukraine, many from biolabs where horrific experiments have been conducted on them. Some of these children were forced into cannibalism to survive. Stephanie Schapp will discuss the Satanic origins of Easter. Brad Olsen will give his take on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Ginny Silcox returns to discuss snake venom and its infusion into our water supply. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

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  1. For some reason the subscribe page freezes and does not complete.
    Wish you had your video programs on American platforms like Roxytube or Brighteon or BrandNewtube
    None much can get to be a Rumble High Tech member so what is on Rumble (Canadian) is not seen by many of us and Bitchute (UK) also has been closed off to those of us not on High Tech devices. Rumble also does censoring. WE don’t like Rumble.

    • It is the sign up page that freezes – it does not get to the subscribe page.
      IT says the password is good but it freezes and never gets beyond that point.
      This is the hardest and most complicated website to use and sign up to. Bad enough they use Rumble that we can’t get to.
      Your reports are too important to hide them on Rumble so most of us can’t never see them. Bitchute has also cut most of us off as well.
      Use Roxytube, Brighteon, BrandNewtube or even UGEtube. They are all
      open to all platforms. NO censorship.


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