Harvesting Adrenochrome In Ukraine!

Janice McAfee weighed in on the news of the day, including the devastating earthquake in Turkey. John Carman and Lt. Col. Selivanov discusses child sex trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse in Ukraine. Dr. Bryan Ardis said the catalyst for the COVID bioweapon is the gastrointestinal system and host for the weapon is water. Leave the world you think you know behind and join us at the Dark Outpost!

To watch the first 3 hours of the program, click here:




  1. Would it be possible to have John Carman do 2hours. Mcaffee is just chit chat. John has more important intel to share that we need to hear about

  2. Also remember that it has been reported that Zelensky visited Buckingham Palace with a shipment of adrenochrome. Was Natty Rothschild there, too, alng with the “climate change prince”?

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